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Ottertail Country
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October 12, 2010

Happy October, Lucy!!


Well, knock me over with a feather!! Guess what Carlo is doing?? That's right, re-opening a section of lawn that has been idle for a couple of years.

It took quite a while to mow through that stuff, first with deck all the way up, then progressively lower until it was at "lawn height".

As I mowed, I tried to blow as much of the grass into rows as was possible. The left a lesser raking job for me later.

Then I hauled the clippings off the lawn. That new trailer is coming in handy for quite a few tasks around the place. Next chore will be to haul some firewood home for the lodge. I have my eye on a couple of dead trees in the woods that will make some lodge heat this winter.

Here is a view of the north section of the fresh cuttings.....

And here you can see the south end of it. It looks pretty rustic right now, but when you come up this spring, Lucy, it will look like a real lawn again!!

I gotta go, Carlo