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June 25, 2008

Visiting and building.

We visited Hailee a few weeks ago!

We brought her a "Dora the Explorer" coloring book and some stickers. Parents love it when you bring their kids stickers..... heh, heh....

Markers were giving her trouble.

And she was giving me trouble......

I went to Wintergreen Lake area to have a look at the start of the new 'hunting palace' that Ivan and the boys are going to build.

Just starting out with the digging for the basement. Ivan will be doing the mason work with the other lackeys helping him.

Lee was down in the hole with the grade rod, Ivan was supervising.

Then we set the forms to grade and the concrete footings would be poured the following day....

I gotta go, Carlo

June 11, 2008

Back in business, I think....

Here we go again, trying a 'post-virus' post. I think I finally have everything I need loaded back in and running properly. Only took a couple of weeks, on and off, of very frustrating time spent scratching my head and trying to comprehend what was going on and how to fix it..... glad that's over.

This tree has long since lost all it's blossoms. It was quite spectacular while it lasted, though.

Memorial day weekend saw a trip to Milwaukee, where we spent a bunch of time tryig to sort out Lucy's huge stash of photographs! Lots of pix of all of us when we were younger, the homestead with all the trees looking quite small, etc. Above is Lizzard's back yard, and it was a nice place to sit around and talk.

Ma was telling Liz how something was supposed to go, I don't remember what it was....

Tim was in town for the weekend, it was good to see him after a long absence.

Dennis was kind enough to fire up his grill, one of the menu items was corn on the cob. First of the year for me..... I wonder where it came from that early?

Mary was there, still using the crutches but doing well. It will be awhile before her ankle is back to normal, I guess.

John was there and helped immensely with the marinade and the preparation of......

The Venison kabobs!!! Man, do I like venison fixed like this!

Peg was her cheerful self, as usual. She makes up for my lack of charm.....

Lucy got cold later in the day and Liz wrapped her up so tight in a blanket that she could not get at her cellphone when it rang. They thought it was quite funny.

We finished up with crablegs and I think Bryn ate most of them... not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Well, that's it for a trial run, let's see if it works......

I gotta go, Carlo

June 8, 2008

Computer on the mend.....

Things are improving! If I can get one graphics program loaded, I'll be back in business. The one thing that really stinks is the fact that I lost a folder of photos I took at the new 'hunting palace' that the guys are working on near Wintergreen. Is also included a couple of videos I took, one of Ivan finishing one of the corner leads on the basement.... darn.

We had a bunch of rain here this weekend. The mosquitos are numerous and hungry. It was extremely humid today. The deerflies are out!! I guess it's summer at the Ottertail.

I gotta go, Carlo

Saw a blurb about this place on PBS. It looks great.