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September 13, 2010

More drivel....


This was one of the stickiest spots to complete. Here the old shingles are still in place and the scaffold is ready. Let's dive in......

You'll notice that the little roof is somewhat pagoda shaped. They used short little curved rafters and used 4" wide boards to produce a curved surface. Of course, the end sections have the same curved shape.

Here's a better view. The hole in the center was apparently cut in for the purpose of insulating the ceiling of the bay window area.

Here's that trailer again. Always parked below the project to catch all the scrap as I tore it loose.

OK, junk off, ice guard in place. Looks pretty tame, but all the old flashing needed to be replaced and that meant removing a bunch of the vinyl siding in the area. The shingles required step flashing where they met the wall on the curved end areas.

Finally, all the shingles are on, flashing installed and tarred, new j-channel for where the siding meets the roof, and siding re-fit and installed. This area took longer to do than both of the longer areas over the front and rear doors....

Well, it's starting to look like a house with a green roof...... here are a few views.

Scaffolding set in front of the house in anticipation of applying aluminum soffit and fascia to the upper dormer area, leaving no wood surfaces to worry about (no painting....). I need about 5 or 6 more pieces of scaffold, I hope Paul will loan me a few more. Then I can do the whole dormer area without dealing with constantly moving heavy ladders. We'll see....

Still need to re-shingle that little roof over the living room window seat area. I guess it will be as much of a pain in the neck as the pagoda over the south window.

Bow hunting soon......

That's it for now, I gotta go......


September 12, 2010

Odds and ends.


We had a visit from Hailee a few weeks ago. Each time she visits, she gets a little knitting done. This time she got some instruction from great-grandma Donna.....

She seems quite determined to be able to knit for some reason. Technique is somewhat rustic but I think she has the basic idea figured out.

The day that the crew finished the main roof, we fixed some food for them. Peggy had made some muffins, and a couple of kinds of cucumber dishes.

I grilled up some brats, the only thing we had in the fridge......

We had the table and chairs down on the ground because of all the roofing supplies and stuff on the deck. Kind of like a garden party. Here are some of the roofers, and I guess they worked up a good appetite on the roof that day. I kept my hands out of the way until they had their plates full.

Here is our latest purchase. Not the wheeler, the trailer.

I've been thinking of some kind of small trailer that I can use with the 4wheeler around the yard. Wide tires, some load capacity, etc. This is the trailer we got, HD1500.

I saw this one on-line and have been deciding about if for months. After using the tractor and pulp trailer for hauling roofing debris, I decided to pull the trigger on this purchase. Best decision in a long while!! Not only is it great for hauling stuff, it has a dump feature and the axle pivots when you pull the dump release. Makes for easy unloading. Yesterday I built a plywood deck for the top of it and it makes for a great little work area, toolbox/boombox platform, etc. This trailer gets use every time I work on anything around the place......

I gotta go, Carlo


September 11, 2010

Baseball news.


O.K., folks, the World Serious isn't far away!! And with it comes the outrageous renditions of the national anthem... you know, the ones that you sit through in embarrassed silence, praying for a merciful, quick end. Voices wavering and quavering out of control in a disgraceful display of supposed awesomeness. Seeing how many notes one can sing in each syllable of each word. Well, a while back I saw Maya Rudolph on SNL, singing her rendition of a super diva doing her thing. No matter how many times I see this, it cracks me up....

Sorry, I just could not resist.....

I gotta go, Carlo


September 6, 2010

Airplane goes south.......


I know, I know..... you've seen this airplane many times over the last four years or so. Fact is, it just left my rented hangar space a week or two ago!! I've been thinking of selling for a while now, had it advertised a few places, had a few interested parties...... now it's gone.

Daniel Reis, from the Owen area, decided he liked it and he showed up with cash, a tool box and a trailer. We started dismantling the aircraft so he could take it home.

One wing off. Luckily Al's 182 Cessna was gone for the day and we had the whole hangar to spread things out.

There were a bunch of air tubes and such to disconnect before we could take off the left wing.

It was starting to look a little weird by the time we got the second wing off.

One wing laying on the ground, trailer waiting on the tarmac....

Dan and his wife, Carmine, and Peggy and I were able to get the plane onto the trailer. We screwed pieces of board to the trailer deck to keep the wheels from being able to roll, put on a bunch of ratchet tie down straps and that's that.

We loaded the wings and struts on the trailer, tied it all down and off they went........

Back in the hangar the only thing left was the little desk I had there..... so, we loaded it into the truck and drove home.

End of story.

I gotta go, Carlo