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December 5, 2016

OK, here we go..... I'm quite far behind so I'll just start with the roof project.  We decided to go with some added insulation, which meant something on the outside of the roof.  We settled on spray foam, and I got started on the east side.  Here are the humble beginnings of the project..... Click any of the pics for an expanded view.

First order of business was to build up the area that was not getting foam, over the flying gable overhangs.  This was done on both ends of the roof, with scaffolding four sections high, lots of ladder work.

As the kitchen area roof no longer came up to the new, extended ridge, it was necessary to build a fake section of roof across the kitchen so it matched with the new built up roof. Then we put 2x6 rafters on the rest of the roof and bolted them to existing roof.

So far, so good.... next came the foam guys, putting 5-6" of foam on the roof.  Lots of help from friends and relatives got the whole mess covered with OSB and tarpaper.

Then came the shingle crew.  I try to avoid shingling, especially on something this steep..... so I'm a wimp.

And that's all there is to it!! One side done, and it only consumed most of my summer back in 2012.