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December 23, 2007

Mid-December shenanigans.

Major snow storm in central Wisconsin. That was the forecast, and boy, were they right!! It's late Sunday right now and I have plowed the driveway twice today. I'm guessing we got a foot or more of snow, but I'll take some measurements tomorrow when I'm shoveling. Because of this snow, none of our kids made it home from Milwaukee, Wausau and Friendship. So I'm filling some 'snow day' time trying to catch up on this blog..... here goes.

Peg has been wanting an indoor exercise opportunity and has been checking out the new "elliptical" machines. Kind of like a Nordic Trak only
different ;-). So I went to Fleet Farm and bought one.

The thing had a lot of parts, and, of course, it was a packaging disaster! The thing weighs a ton and I got two days worth of exercise just getting it in the house and up the stairs. Then I had to assemble it no less!!

Here is a front view of it as it sits in the North room upstairs, commanding attention as you walk by. It has a screen that shows speed, rpm, heart rate complete with target settings, programmable exercise routines.... I need a copy of "Ellipticals for Dummys".

Here is the side view, which is not any more appealing than the front view. I will have to admit that a person can get a really good work-out on it. I have been having some trouble with my right foot (getting new orthotics soon, that should fix that) so this thing will let me get some exercise with out killing my foot. Maybe.

Ah, yes, the great Christmas tree hunt... last year I posted pix of Peg and I getting a tree. This year I was on my own, and I found one on some land of Peg's brother, Jim. He has kept some trees sheared, some kind of wild. The one I got was probably last sheared a year or so ago, so it's a little wooly, but not too bad!

The photo work was my responsibility as well. One of those days when the high was about 10° and breezy, but I didn't have to be out long to get the tree which 'just' fit in the van.

I got the tree home, measured the height and cut a little off the bottom, got it attached to the stand and got it standing straight up. Peg and I hauled it into the living room and got it adjusted for straightness again, and positioning it with the best side showing.

I went to the lodge to recuperate and Peg got going on the trimming. She enjoys that part of it way more than I do and she does a great job of getting the tree looking great, along with the rest of the house actually.....

Oh, by the way, Peg got a new-to-her car, a 2005 Pontiac Vibe. It will replace the Festiva, one of the best cars ever made. Well, except for the Fiesta, which was the best car ever made. I think.

More later, we've got news on the snow, pie making, etc.

I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

So glad to see the pictures on this blog. The tree looks very nice as well as the lights running along the trim. Great that you have the exercise equipment, Peggy. Wonderful that you have time off during the holidays to do whatever!!! Keep up this good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy and Carl, Its great to see the Christmas celebrations preparation pictures. You have a great Happy Christmas and New year celebrations.

Karthik M.L

Carlo said...

Thanks, Karthik! Wait till you see the pictures of the 12" deep snow we got a few days ago.... too bad you missed it. How's the weather in India?
Do you have your blog started yet?

yram said...
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yram said...

Greetings...looks pretty! good luck on the exercise machinery. do you have any entertainment while working out? Hope you had a wonderful time this christmas. we really missed all of you!

Carlo said...

Actually Yram, Yes. I have an old TV and VCR upstairs...but I haven't been able to watch too much at a time yet... I really am horribly out of shape...but at least I'm working on it now.. hope I keep it up.

Sure am glad that you all had a great time... must have been great with people that haven't been around in some time... your Liz, Sadet and Gene Frank and his wife...

Karthik.... nice to hear from you... hope all is going well for you now... no one has moved into your cube yet.. must be waiting for someone really special. :)

We had a swell time even with the fact that Chris and his family couldn't make it.... but sure are looking forward to our "family Christmas in 2 weeks... let's keep our fingers crossed so everyone can make it.

Happy New Year everyone.