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April 7, 2008

Early April

A little over a week ago, on that wondrous Friday we had, I spent a few hours in the plane. I took a swing down to Medford and on the way I passed over this well defined piece of ground. It's Tlusty's cattle ranch, just west of Westboro on "D". No exra trees on that property.....

After landing at Medford and taking a little break, took off and cirled the airport as I climbed out. This is how it looks from about 700' above the ground. I've been to this airport 3 or 4 times, never much action there. I guess it's like most small municipal airports, mostly quiet.....

My view out the front on the way home. Doesn't look like much snow out there, but that's an illusion! There was still WAY TOO MUCH at that point.

And a view of the instruments, 63MPH, 4800' altitude, etc, Notice the "Green Giant" glove, trying to stay warm.

So we had a little snow storm about a week ago. Another 6" of heavy snow, made the roads a mess and I refuse to plow after March 20, so..... I guess we survived, although Peggy had to give me a push the other day to make it through a drift. Didn't impress her much with that.... the turkeys didn't seem to like the snow any more than we did.

We went to Menards; it was O.K.
Who was it that wrote those books... "I went to college. It was O.K.", and so on? There is quite a bit of space in that van when you have the seats removed. We were on a procurement mission for the remodeling that Peg's brother is doing at her Phillips house.

While waiting for some items to be brought from the supply yard, I was watching some clouds hiding the sun. It started to show and everything turned golden. I grabbed the camera and managed to get one good shot of it.

We loaded everything into the van, ceiling boards, bathroom lights, plumbing items, a couple of doors, etc. Amazing what will fit in there. Earlier in the day we went shopping with Rosie to get her a business suit, but that's another story.

As we were leaving Wausau we noticed how weird the sun looked. We were on the overpass on 51 right by Fleetfarm and had a great view of a sun that was distinct, but not so bright that you couldn't look at it. We were heading down that big hill to the north and Peg dug out the camera and I pulled over when we got to the top of that next huge hill. It was a nice sight.

I gotta to, Carlo


yram said...

Nice photographs. You are improving at the in-flight snapping. The snow is gone here except for the dusting last night. Even John is sick of it and he likes everything!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with you renovating project. The sunset pictures are wonderful and also the shots from the plane. We had rain here today. Drove out to Paul and Candaces for a birthday party for Franny. Had a nice time. Thanks for the pictures and interesting comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy and Gene,

How are you doing. I am fine with my new job.

Finally I decided for my marriage with "Deepthi" will be soon. May be in August or Sep. I will send you her picture very soon. About my new job for the last one month just learning new things. Thats all. No work.

Thanks Peggy and Gene.