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June 8, 2008

Computer on the mend.....

Things are improving! If I can get one graphics program loaded, I'll be back in business. The one thing that really stinks is the fact that I lost a folder of photos I took at the new 'hunting palace' that the guys are working on near Wintergreen. Is also included a couple of videos I took, one of Ivan finishing one of the corner leads on the basement.... darn.

We had a bunch of rain here this weekend. The mosquitos are numerous and hungry. It was extremely humid today. The deerflies are out!! I guess it's summer at the Ottertail.

I gotta go, Carlo

Saw a blurb about this place on PBS. It looks great.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carlo,
Have HAPPY day!!! :-)


yram said...

Computers are great no? photoshop on the way. hope it doesn't break!

Carlo said...

Got the package, going well.

Trying to post tonight, we'll see....