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October 12, 2008

This, that and the other thing...


Oh, yeah! That's the kind of wood pile I like to see by the mailbox. It means that almost all of the wood is now piled near the outdoor boiler.....

I wondered what the pile would look like from above, so the ladder was near and I climbed up onto the shed roof. Yes, the wood is all there now, just have to fling it all into the stove. I glad that doesn't have to happen all at once.

Reminded me of a paper mill yard. Only not as big. As long as I was up there, I decided to document the view from this angle.

Looking straight east, the yellows of the aspen and the green of balsam is quite a sight.

Southeast gets this view of a variety of trees and grasses.

A new view of the house. Last fall we saw some pictures taken from the roof of the house as Ivan and I worked on re-building the chimney up there.

The flowering crab is LOADED with those little red bird candies. Lot's of feathered visitors, including a couple of patteridge.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the home of Sherburn (Sherb, as he is called) and Virginia Mabie, in the Kennan area. A couple of years ago, Sherb built this wonderful wooden windmill! He bought the top works, got plans for the tower and went to work.

A close-up of the top platform shows that it's not very large when compared to the ladder, which is of normal proportions. Of course, I could not resist climbing the thing to get a better look at the mill and a look at the surrounding country.

This is what it looks like straight down to the ground 25 feet below my feet.

I got a few pictures of their house and surroundings and incorporated parts of the windmill in the photos.

I like this one the best with the sun directly behind. It was a great afternoon with a chance to see all of their projects and crafts. A very interesting couple.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

That woodpile looks HUGE!! I sure hope you have enough wood there to last you the entire winter season!

Also love the picture of the windmill - that's pretty amazing!


P.S. Happy early anniversary!

yram said...

like the woodpiles and nice windmill pics. i have got to install one here. the wind is wild on this bay and i think the electric company would owe me money!

yram said...

did you fly over this weekend? someone buzzed our house and we were hoping it was you although not an ultralight.

Anonymous said...

hey gene, nice to see the wood stove is finally up and running. make sure to always turn off the fan when you open the door. and the chugging like a train i when it is trying to get up to temp. Many lessons from my dad.
Any way.. hope all is well. Uncle dennis was wondering if you would ever take him for a ride over the anderson acres. He would love to see it from the air.

Anonymous said...

Gene, great pictures, as always. The woodpile is huge. Loved the pictures of the windmill. Keep up the good work

Love, Mom

Carlo said...

Thanks, Kristi, we'll see you this weekend...

Yeah, you need a wind generator by the lake, Yram. No, it was not me flying over.

Have Dennis call me, Jen. And next year you need to come up and practice your competitive sawing technique on my pulp pile...

I hope the woodpile is big enough, Lucy. I'm kind of hoping not to have Greg Hanke driving in here more than once every three years or so.....

yram said...

Gee...wonder you we waved like mad at! oh well...we were hoping it was you with a buddy.

Anonymous said...

the whole wood heater/wood pile deal is just amazing - like many of the things you folks do! This is my first time to this newer blog site, love your opening photo ...
autumn blessings

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as usual Dad. I know I always say that, but I really do like looking through them for a study break. :)~Rosie