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January 16, 2009

Catchin up.....


Near the end of December I got out early one Saturday morning to watch the sunrise. The lodge looked pretty neat with the smoke and sun in the trees.

Remember Tim talking about Jack Frost on the inside of the house windows? Look at what I found behind the curtain on the big window in the lodge's main room..... you need to expand this photo.

Bottoms of the trees still in shadow, old sol making the tops bright.

On New Year's Eve, Peg broiled a couple of small filets we found in the freezer. That, and a baked potato, made an excellent start to our evening. We then moved out to the lodge, where the fire was keeping it toasty warm, and we had some treats to bring out as well.

Shrimp/sauce, herring, peanuts and cribbage... what could be better? I'm not sure what that is that Peg has mixed up in that glass?

Our self portrait photos at New Years never seem to get any better. I take the blame for that.

Last Sunday I got out for a little fly. Weather was pretty nice, sunny, nearly 20. I called Kristi to see if she had any interest in getting airborne. She said "Sure!", so off I went to Phillips to get the plane ready. By the time we were ready to go, the weather had changed some, the sun was no longer shining and the ceiling was lowering. We flew anyway for about 50 minutes.

I always force people to pose in front of the plane as proof that I'm not the only nut in the area.

All set to go. I'm impressed with her choice of color for her coat! It matched the plane nicely. Thanks for going along, Kristi, next time we'll go when the sun is out and we can see the world allot better. Tell Adam that if he's nice, he can go sometime, as well.... 8-)



yram said...

The lodge looks as cozy as I remember on a couple of Christmas eves i spent there. Hows the deep freeze there? Seems we have all forgotten what Wisconsin weather is like...want to shut down when it reaches zero. Sheesh...

Anonymous said...

Adam said he will be nice next time :-) Thanks for taking me up - it was so cool to see everything from a different perspective! And I'm glad that my attire matched the plane so well :-)