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February 15, 2009

Be my Valentine?


Last Friday I got a call from the front desk that someone wanted to see me, can I please come down? That sounded weird, but I went anyway and found this. Someone (also know as Peggy) had bought a half dozen new arrows, taken them to the florists and arranged to have them make a 'bouquet' out of them. Then each had a carnation in the top end, and there was a little cupid type bear holding onto the arrows. A fabulous Valentines gift from my sweetheart!! Today I remembered another famous Valentines day that was not so pleasant...

Saturday we went to Rapids to attend the annual wild game feed put on by a local historic group in the Nekoosa area. We attend every year as we used to go to their "Point Basse History Days" event in early June each year. We met up with Chris, Ashley and Hailee at the supper and then we went to their house afterward.

By the time we got back to their place, Hailee was asleep for the day! So we visited with Chris and Ashley for a while and settled in for the night. Sunday morning we all headed out to a local restaurant and had breakfast. Hailee sure does like pancakes!

Back at home, there was plenty of 'horse back' riding, and Hailee had a good handle to hang onto.

We watched an interesting show on WPT this evening. Told about the annual Tundra Swan migration that always makes a stop along the Mississippi, most notably near Alma, Wi. They also talked about having an unusually large number of gray owls in Douglas County. And have you heard of this trail? Hey, Bob, I know this is a little north of you, but do you ever see these birds in your area? These Swans stop along the river for a while, then they head to Chesapeake Bay for the winter.....

March Madness? Give me a break!! That ridiculous hoopla over some kids playing basketball gets on my nerves more each year. Here is the music community's answer to those blasted college basketball tournaments... Last year I happened across this event and will watch it again this year. Some incredible performances by some young folks.

I still get the occasional cartoon (I call them 'blasphemy') from people who know I used to play the bagpipes a little.

People also send me all sorts of airplane related stuff as well. This was the latest from Jabe, at work. 'Cmon, dude, I know you read this, how bout a comment??????

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for a valentine. Hailee is growing up so fast. Really enjoyed the pictures. Glad you had a nice weekend, helps to shorten the winter.


Anonymous said...

We're about 9 miles east of the Mississippi now and must be just off the edge of the flyway. We miss hearing the geese and swans going over Onalaska. It was especially enjoyable to hear them go over on a dark crisp night. We did take mom and dad to Alma one time to view the swans.

Hearing the coyotes once in a while where we are now is nice.

Cousin Bob

Carlo said...

Yes, there is something wild and thrilling in the yells of a bunch of coyotes! It can be startling when they start up about 50 yards away just at dusk and you're thinking about climbing out of your treestand....

Anonymous said...

Good job Aunt Peg on the arrows! May have to borrow that idea next year!


yram said...

Nice gift from your sweetie! Your bagpipe joke reminds me of the guy that had his accordion in the back seat of his car. He stopped at a grocery store and forgot to lock up. He was worried as he left the store remembering his forgetfulness (heehee). When he looked in the backseat of his car he realized he had been vandalized...there were TWO accordions in the back seat!
Nice posts.