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May 3, 2009

Oooh, oooh, it's a garage sale.........


Even though the official sale date was to be May 9th, Peg decided to give it a trial run yesterday!! She has too much stuff to put it all out at once anyway, so we thought a pre-sale would be a good idea. I started the day by making a bunch of signs for out on the highway and such.

We headed out at 11:00 AM to put out signs. We put one at the top of the hills just to the north and south of spring road. The sign that's a cue to look for the "sale turn off".

At Spring Road and Highway 13 we put the double sided sign to capture traffic from both directions. As we were setting up this sign, a car turned off 13 onto Spring. Peg joked "probably going to the garage sale".

We put up this one at the intersection of Spring Road and Carlson Road.....

Peg's Festiva made a good sigh board just south of Johnson's place.......... this one I had put out prior to the other signs.

When we got done with the signs, sure enough, there in the yard was the car that had turned off 13 when we were down there.

Cars showed up quickly after that. At one point there were seven at one a time.... go figure.

I don't know how many cars actually visited, but business was brisk. Lots of action until about 1:00, when things slowed, but people trickled in until we took the signs in at 3:00 PM.

We saw all kinds of cars and trucks, even this one with a huge trailer. I guess the lure of the sale does not deter folks from whatever effort it takes to get there.......

So at this point, I now encourage garage sales. Let me qualify that.... I am in favor of us having a sale, I do not encourage "us" to attend sales, and I do encourage others to visit our sale..... Oh, whatever........

I gotta go, Carlo



yram said...

wow...looks like you are in the money! hope it was worth it. Garage sales are major events over here. I am sure it was a success? How much left to get rid of. That is the key to a successful garage sale...nothing left to haul to the dump or to St. Vinnie's!
Off to Milwuakee this weekend to spend some time with Lucy.

Anonymous said...

Lol very funny ending to the post, Dad! :) Very glad it got business! Yay ~Rosie

Anonymous said...

Garage sale season is here!!! Looks like you had a great turnout and got rid of a lot of stuff - and made a little money in the process :-)

Hope your second weekend of sales goes as well!! Kristi