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September 27, 2009

Trying to catch up.....


This last weekend was Christmas Tree Festival in Ogema. I did not go to town, but I hear through the grapevine that quite a few local names were present for the "Run to the Peak", which is a nine mile run from Ogema to Timm's Hill, the highest point in Wisconsin. Anyone care to fill us in on how they did? I hear Kristi, Ivan and Kyle, Russ Blennert, etc were in the run. Updates, people, you know we are the news source for the Westboro through Phillips area.

We had a visit with Hailee in early August. It's always fun to have her around.

Seems like Peggy has a bunch of masks.... go figure. Anyway, Hailee tested them all.

I realized that there has been no wood update this summer!!! I was hoping to use a wood splitter on the bulk of this hard maple, but no one had one that would take our longer wood (25-28"), so right after the 4th of July weekend I started in with my splitting maul.... great fun! Peggy made a deal with me that she would stack the wood if I did the splitting. She is now fully versed in all aspects of tractor driving, wood stacking, etc.

A view of the splitting project. This wood pile started as 12 pulpwood cords so we ended up with a ton of splitting to do.

I had just finished up all the splitting and Peggy was nearly caught up with me.

Starting in on the last load... finally!

Here is a view of Peggy's nicely piled firewood stacks. Seriously, I think I helped stack maybe half of one of those long rows, the rest was done by 'da woman.....

And here is a little view from the top of the lodge...... I like this view. Thanks for all you do around here, Peggy...



Anonymous said...

The woodpiles are fantastic. There is nothing so pleasing as piling wood. The clink of one piece of wood hitting another is almost as aesthetic an experience as baking bread!!

Hailee is growing up and it is nice that she likes to visit with the grandparents.

Keep up the good work, with the blog, Gene.

yram said...

that Hailee is gorgeous! you ought to head to Hollywood...what a beautiful little girl. The masks are wonderful.
Great and I mean great wood piles. that is hard to do. The last comment is is such a wonderful thing to do (within limits of course!).
My computer is still in the hospital so will need to wait for that to heal before I can contribute.

Anonymous said...

It really did feel good moving the wood around...( a sit down job doesn't help much with building and keeping any muscle tone) :)

Yup, we think Hailee is a cutie too, thank you, and what fun she is. She has so much energy and enthusiasm, and she already has this little life of hers figured out... just ask her..! :)

I agree, it is great to have the blog "alive and well" again. It really does touch a bunch of people. thanks Gene.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely the news source for southern Price County!

I will be the first to report that the Run to the Peak went very well! It was such a gorgeous day - perfect temps and beautiful fall colors! A good time was had by all (at least those I spoke to :-)

Good job on those wood piles Aunt Peg! Don't show my dad or Adam what you did - or they will expect me to do the same! They have been trying (quite unsuccessfully) to entice me to help them the last few winters, but I always seem to be busy!