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June 20, 2010

I did it!!!


Guess who finally got going and actually did something for a change????? That's right, I tackled the window take-out project this week end. It's been so long since I posted on here that I had to look up my sign-on and password..... sheesh!!

O.K., all set on the scaffold, ready to remove the old window. This unit is in the upstairs west room closet and it is in the south wall of the house.

Hey, Paul, thanks for including those outrigger brackets. I could not set the scaffold very close to the house because of the dining room south window bump out. You can see part of the roof on that in the lower left. The outriggers allowed me to put one of the aluminum planks between the scaffold and the house, getting me really close to the window work.

Window nearly out. Note the sash weight cord inside the frame, lower right.

New framing material in place so to have something for nailing the sheathing. Note the ever-present can of Raid wasp and hornet killer. I didn't get stung but a couple close calls.

The hole in the wall is closed. At this point it is really dark in that closet.....!

Oh, yeah, the view from on top. It's always fun to look at familiar things from high up places.

Tyvek in place. I had a bit left from the garage project. I'm glad I found that cause there was not a scrap of tarpaper anywhere on the property.

My outdoor workshop, shady under the Silver Maple and close to the garage outlets.

Just another view of things from another angle. Here you get a good idea of why the scaffold needed to be set out from the wall by the dining room windows.

The last little details are taken care of, you would hardly know there once was a window there (in this view anyway).

The best part, breaking down that scaffold. We moved the parts to the east side, added to the unit I had started at the southeast corner eave area. The rest went to the northeast corner to be set up there. Next is the attack of the roofing job. I looked at the shingles a little bit, and there are two layers on the roof, so they all will need to come off. Not looking forward to that!

I gotta go, Carlo....



Anonymous said...

oh goodie... the "mad blogger" has returned.... and he doesn't appear to be mad. The window was a huge project for Gene this weekend. I babysat for Hailee till 10:00 on Sunday,and for fun we took a bike ride. Just making sure both bikes are doing fine, just in case Boo decides he wants to take a spin, if he gets up here in July. I will try to "put the push" on the wood pile this week, to catch up with Gene in the category of "projects completed".
So nice to see a posting again. Still waiting for our post from the national snowshoe races in New York... and soon, we will be receiving more results from that same "over-achiever" from the Gabrielsen side. Word has it that she will be competing in a "half Iron Man" soon. yikes, I walk a mile, and I'm proud of myself. Good Luck Kristi... have fun with it... if you can. Thanks again for the posting Carlo. great job again... ps

Anonymous said...

What a super job. The house doesn't look so bad with that window gone. It was of no use.
Really enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks a lot. Lucy