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Ottertail Country
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November 16, 2010

A New Adventure.....


Halloween is past and I must say, things have certainly been in flux lately..... the latest of which is creation of 'Ottertail South'. Peg and I have begun the process of buying Uncle Russ Mattson's house and land. Believe me, this was a momentous decision for us! Leaving the Ottertail homestead, place of my youth, my home of the last 14 years, and Peggy's and my home of the last four years. The upside of this is being only 3/4 mile from the homestead and the fact that Dawn and Tim will be coming to Wisconsin to live in the Carlson home!

Here is the view of Russ and Bee's a-frame looking from the northeast. That's the kitchen in the middle of the east wall.

Another view more from the east. Hey, a clothesline! At the left is the little stone building sitting atop the stairway to the root cellar.

A view from the west, northwest. Lots of shingles, but not much siding. No eave troughs, either...... I'll give you more views later.

I was a little slow to warm to this change, but as the days go by I find myself thinking of how it will be to live in this house, how it will feel to drive up that familiar driveway and be home....

Have a good and safe Thanksgiving.



Anonymous said...

Nice Carlo, very nice!!!
And it's nice to hear Tim and Dawn will be heading back to Wisconsin. As an old saying goes back here in MWU land; "it's nice to share misery with company." I think what I'm trying to say is, the winters already seem a bit warmer knowing this. :-)
Have a GREAT day all!!!
And BEST WISHES to everyone!!!
Take care,

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! The house sure seems to have a lot of character! I'm looking forward to you guys moving and helping haul boxes! Or maybe supervising a garage sale :-)


Anonymous said...

Ah...nice place. I always loved that house...always seemed like a Scandinavian doll house. And I always loved the view to the south although I am sure the trees have grown up.
Let us know when you might need help. Yikes...can't imagine all the work packing and moving. If you have any sales do let me know!!
good luck. Life just keeps changing and I guess that is a good thing?

Anonymous said...

It certainly will be good to have good folk and family in that house.

As I think about the house, a few things come to mind: the hours Dad spent at the Ford garage making those iron braces that hold the timbers together, Mom and Dad varnishing the inside boards before they went up, the aunts, uncles and cousins who helped with pouring the concrete and putting up the boards, the tough hands I got after digging the ditches for the septic system, numerous pinochle games and good Dinners.

It will have a good continued legacy.

Cousin Bob

Anonymous said...

I do believe that the move will be a gradual one.. and for that I am extremely grateful. :) but we'll keep you all posted when we actually get "in gear". I do have a bunch of stuff packed already.. but mostly craft stuff, and stuff we don't really need to use for a while.. (now that should be a key point, wouldn't you think???) ha.
It's only .6 of a mile farther to go to work... and without the corners, I think I can still have the alarm set for the same time. :) ha.
It will be great to have Tim and Dawn back in Wisconsin.. and it will be great to still be close to the "old home place"....I think it will always be that for us too.

Anonymous said...

Amazing news ... and what an adventure for all involved! Do I have it right that there is .. or use to be .. a path through the woods between the two places .. or was it between the Carlsons' place and where Ellen Johnson (grandma Carlson) grew up? Anyway, it all just sounds very cool.
Mary A.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eugene!

We are so very pleased with your momentous decision, indeed. That house holds so many special memories for us and we are happy to know that the family will continue to make new memories. Nor do you have to give up your family homestead, either! Everyone wins. Thanks for the virtual tour, too...looks just like we remember it:) Some of my strongest memories involve that spiral staircase. The bumps to the head were overshadowed by the fun hanging and climbing off the stairs...Really looking forward to seeing how it evolves with your lives.
Best wishes,
Cousin Rosemary's daughter Melissa

Carlo said...

Thanks for writing, Melissa! If you are ever in the area, please stop and visit....