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March 26, 2011

Syrup update!


O.K., here is the update on the loaned out syrup junk, plus a couple of stock photos to start it out.....

Here's how it all starts. Those first drops of sap hold the promise of good things to come.

As the level in the buckets increases, the itch to start the boiler becomes almost unbearable!

The sight of the sugarbush never fails to get the adrenalin going a little, and the longing for fresh syrup takes over all the senses......

Here is one of those cool milk jug/tap set-ups. This is not on our own tree, but that of a friend's. Our friends had inquired about borrowing some equipment to see if they liked the process.

Here are Mike and Eric, the first steam is starting to rise from the evaporating pans. This is cause for much excitement at the first cook session of the year! Soon that steam will have a faint odor of syrup about it.....

Peg and I showed up a little later in the day, just before dark. It's nice to experience that transition from bright, sunny day to evening and then dark. Night time is the best for cooking IMHO, crisp air, hot stove, the smell of hot syrup, a brew or two..... it's the best.

Next morning it's not too hard to convince the kids to help with making more pancake batter, and Isabelle is whipping up a batch. And notice those jars of syrup on the counter!!!

Pancakes and syrup... it's what makes it worthwhile to get out of bed. Jonah and Molly are loading up on the goodies.

Spring is great!



Anonymous said...

Spring DEFINITELY is a great time!!!! Just imagining that smell is a blessed thought!


Anonymous said...

Think I recognize that dandy old cooker ... it's absolutely wonderful to see it up and running again!! ... where is the sugar bush located?

yram said...

yum yum...have always wanted to be a maple syrup taste tester. I love to roll that new syrup around in my mouth and taste winter and spring and wood smoke and uncooked sap and a million other woods things. Lovely...

Anonymous said...

so, you two been up to anything fun lately? Please, tell me all about it..

love, "the Easter Pig".