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January 22, 2012

Yes, it's me again.... late as usual.


Hmmmm....  only a month behind!  Last time I showed the completion of the face brick on the heater.  Here we see Paul and Ivan spreading the mud for the stone caps.

The first on goes on.  These items were quite heavy but with care we were able to get them set into place.

Mud's on, next piece ready to be hoisted up.

Easy does it...

.... and that's the last piece of masonry on the stack!

Next morning, Paul and I started installing the doors, ash dump and clean out doors.

After the doors and such, we spread some mud for the stone slab on the bench area.  The piece of blue stone is in the photo, perched on top of some bricks just ahead of where Paul is working.

I loaded some excess brick and vermiculite into the wheelbarrow. Next morning the tire was flat.  Drat.

Ah, yes, the end of the masonry.  Not quite the weather for it anymore.

When we finished the masonry work, everything that was in the house was promptly chucked out the door.  Most of the next day was spent cleaning up and putting things away (or at least out of sight).

I guess this just about sums up the end of the project.  Working outdoors in the winter is O.K. for some things, just not masonry.....

I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Late is always better than never :-)

On a more serious note, though, the stove looks GREAT!! Both the pictures and in person! It sure had to keep you warm last week in the belwo zero weather!


Anonymous said...

Just found this newest post ... realize I don't understand if/where/how the stove is vented to the outside ... does it need to send smoke out? ... maybe I missed something obvious in previous photos. Wonder too how the curing process went or will be done if it hasn't happened yet. It sure is a beauty.
Mary A

Anonymous said...

Well the timing is coming near if the trend of late continues... (posts coming through the week of "20 something" for the last two months). i hope the trend continues. ps :)

Anonymous said...

Howzit goin..????
wutah beeyooteefull fireplace!!!!

Anonymous said...

The fireplace is gorgeous... I can't wait to see the "new"/"old" A-frame! Bee and Russ MUST be smiling! :)♥

Anonymous said...

When are you going to start posting agian?

Anonymous said...

well....wen izya go unta..????