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November 20, 2016

Testing, 2016

Checking how this works and email notifications....If anyone gets a notification about this blog, let me know.  I'm really thinking of getting back in the swing of things.... I just looked at the comment page, I remember having to add the "I'm not a robot" thing because of all kinds of spam in the comments.  It's a pain, but please see how it works, maybe someone will find an easy way around it?  If you get just the current post when you get the email, look for the Home button below, it will get you to the main page....

Thanks a bunch, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Wowsers!! Welcome back!! I'm looking forward for more posts forthcoming!! Kristi

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie.... glad you're finally retired so you can do this again.
Da wife.

mary carlson said...

cool. i see you!

mit said...

nice to see your post back.
Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Ottertail is back!! :D

recson said...

Got it! Looking forward to posts! :)

Anonymous said...

Got it! Glad to hear your getting back into the blog. Always enjoyed it! Cousin Tootie