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June 22, 2017

Workshop Re-build Update

First things first.... My friend, Ivan, recently moved into a new house.  Above the stairway to the basement was a little alcove, and I mentioned that it would be a good place for a suit of armor to stand.  Well, a few weeks later, he ran across this unit and purchased it for a song.  Looks good in the alcove.... So I planted a seed, and whadda ya know..! 
So now the quest for the appropriate name.  I have suggested a few, including:
Sir Galahadn't
Sir Lancealittle
Sir Ivan of Naught
We'll see........

My buddy, Swede, came over one day with hid power washer.  We were going to attempt the de-painting of the M-shed doors. 

 Set to go!!

 Here is a good look at the condition of the doors.


As it turned out, the upper doors had patches of stubborn paint on very soft boards, so we got a nice deep textured look.  I spent some time scraping and hit them with a sander to get the sharp edges of paint off.
Good primer, of course, all brush work.
The upper doors are in the background, with window sash in the front.  Also fixing new glass in the east windows.  Shop is full, I get confused as to what has primer, what has white paint and how many coats are each item..... I should have taken notes!

Then I started on cleaning up the upper door jambs and such.
I guess they came out alright.....?

And here is how it looked with the newly painted doors re-installed.

Somewhere in all of this was father's day weekend, so I made us a  coconut cream pie!  I finally broke down and got a three quart double boiler, which works great for this size recipe.

 Peggy provided a home-made graham cracker crust.  Of course, the photo of the finished work, complete with toasted coconut on top, was super fuzzy.  So, you'll have to take my word for it that it turned out well.  It didn't last long...........
Well, that's it for now, have a great weekend!!!
I gotta go, Carlo





Denice Cannon said...


mary carlson said...

Bring coconut pie to me. Love it. Good to have friends!!!

mary carlson said...

I did not get a notice on this post. Usually do.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you retired! So many projects, I get tired just reading about all of them! Everything looks top notch, including that pie :-)

Carlo said...

Thanks for all the comments! Good to know someone is reading.....๐Ÿ˜Š