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July 23, 2007

Our Brazilian reporter is active once again!

First, a few more photos from Brazil, then a narative of Rosie's first day in the orphanage.


This is at the hospital with two children that I spent Tuesday with. With all the things I had on hand to play with, the hit ended up being the camera and they took pictures of each other and me and had endless fits of laughter about it! Luckily it's easy enough to just keep erasing them so there was no harm in it.

Myself, Lu and her best friend, Ana Barbara

Me with Dr. Amarente (host father) and Dr. Alexandria prior to me witnessing from right next to the table, a 3 plus hour total laryngectomy operation!!!! Yikes! More about that when I get home......

A wild monkey in a park we went to on Friday and I got this close before it jumped in my direction and I was informed that they bite!!!!!

Ok. Started at the Orphanage today. I won't be able to come up with words to do justice to my feelings!!!!!! I can't decide if I want to never leave it, or if I can't handle it!!!!! It's a strange combination of clean and very run down. More on the side of conditions I wouldn't consider good... :-( I got there this morning and my angel, Lu, helped to translate enough to get started. The lady wanted to know if I wanted to work with young, middle aged or teenage children. I said young (shocking, I know) partly because I don't have to worry as much about being able to speak Portuguese! She showed us two rooms and said I could do one on one day and the other the next. The first was a couple of very little kids and two caretakers. Then the one I stayed in for the day was 2 year olds. 9 of them! I can't believe so many beautiful children do not have loving homes!!!!!!!! :-( Somehow today was way harder even than the hospital....... Within two minutes of Lu leaving and me being in the room 2 little girls and a boy each grabbed a finger and clung to me looking up at me with the most innocent eyes and little faces, I think I had to keep from crying about 10 different times! They are such fun though also and made me laugh at the same time! They each have their little personalities and outfits that don't match but were clean. I wanted to hold every single one of them at once! That was the part I could hardly stand was that I wasn't allowed to pick them up if they were crying. :-( I guess I understand to an extent for those who work there and can't possibly hold every one every time, but it makes you ache! I was very relieved when we put them down for their nap, we were able to snuggle with them and rub their back or whatever until they fell asleep. While they were sleeping one of the caretakers disappeared and came back with bundle of blankets holding the most precious 4 month old girl I have ever seen. She snuggled her in my arms and handed me a bottle and I think my heart stopped. The baby had the bluest eyes and a perfect heart shaped mouth and she just cuddled in and blinked her eyes at me. How on earth someone gave her up I will never understand. I want to take her with me and never put her down!!!! She ate and then slowly fell asleep without making even a peep........I could hardly leave! I have so much more to say, but I"ll have to leave it at this for now.........My heart is full and I wish I could transport all 185 children to a house and take care of them!!! I do have to say though, the people that work there are WONDERFUL! Love you all....Rosie the Nanny :-)


Anonymous said...

THANKS MUCH Rosie!!! You and many a others ARE Angels! Keep up the good work kid.

Carlo said...

That's a nice comment above, I wonder who wrote it?

Rose, send more info and photos and I'll do my best to get them on here.


Anonymous said...

That comment was really nice! Do you know who it was? And yes, I will send more, this works very nicely to send the group e-mail and then have you piece it into the blog! Thanks! (Besides, we all know what happens when I try to post pictures on here!!) Love you, Rosie

yram said...

Rose: what is your ETA? Seems like you have been gone forever. Anyone speak English at your host home?
what is the weather like? is it winter there or am i nuts? can't wait to hear more. Admirable yours, Yram

Carlo said...

Yes it is winter there, but that doesn't mean you are not nuts.... but that's just my assessment.

Anonymous said...

(fyi) yoo spelt nutz rong. and iz admirable the leedur ov a ship? Just kidding...have a GREAT day all!!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, tell Ana Babara thanks for the cartoons, i think i liked Quicks Draw McGraw the best! ;-)
yep i'm kidding yooz geiz again. it iz kinda fun yano.

Carlo said...

Ivan, you're drifting.....