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July 18, 2007

Phase II of the July snowball.....

Ivan was on crutches after knee surgury, so he was having trouble with them and a can at the same time. He asked if I had a can holder for a crutch, so I stole a holder from Peg's car and in true Red Green fashion, I duct taped it to the crutch... not a very good photo, but you get the idea.

Following is an assortment of photos from Saturday. You'll just have to browse and guess what or who.... I hope all the attendees enjoyed the day as much as Peg and I did.


Anonymous said...

Must have been a great party. Whats up this week??


yram said...

wish I had attended. sadet would have loved all the kid activity! We were at the Brahmer 50th and sadet got to meet all her aunties and uncles and cousins etc.
she is lonesome for kids. sorry we missed the party!
p.s. have Ivan been running too much? what is with the surgery? bummer

Anonymous said...

I'm starting in on Peggy's house, soffit and siding on that addition we put on last fall.... then a bunch of other stuff that needs doing.

Ivan have not been running two much, but he have been get an injury over the years, cartilage problems, should be good to go soon?


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, nice party, nice food, nice people, nice day, nice cold beer, NICE LIFE!!!
Thanks again dudes!! It was a blast!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I would have been there! Looks like it was great!!!!