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November 21, 2007

It's TURKEY time!!!!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Turkey doings..... this photo is what turkey hunters are looking for--turkey sign.

And this is where this turkey sign will lead you, a turkey farm. It's a pretty gruesome looking affair. I'm much more in favor of getting a wild turkey, which has worked out pretty well the last few years.

At a turkey farm you can get "up close and personal", if you want to????? This one looks like he just got out of the army.

Here's a good shot of carving the Thanksgiving turkey.

And here's another type of turkey carving.......

Here's an Aztec turkey.....

And here is Audobon's contribution to the whole thing.

This is from an article on the web. "....the sleepy-turkey myth lingers around each year because it sounds so logical. Turkey does have tryptophan. But all meat has tryptophan at comparable levels. Cheddar cheese, gram for gram, has more. While cheddar isn't the most exciting cheese in the cheese cellar, no one connects it with sleep. Turkey gets singled out for no other reason than being eaten during the biggest meal of the year." Read the rest here.

And, of course, Bush had to go through the stupid "pardon the turkey" routine.... I can't stand it.
I gotta go..... Carlo


yram said... you have a wild turkey this year? about a glass of Wild Turkey instead!

Carlo said...

Yes. Can I just have it with a glass of Jameson's instead?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised we even try to eat those birds after looking at them.
Enjoyed the blog.


Carlo said...

The trick is not looking at them. Unless they are wild turkeys, and in that case, they look yummy....