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Ottertail Country
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November 13, 2007

The woods action....

You really need to enlarge these pics. If you want some nice wildlife photos, go to this site.

Here is one of the most common creatures sighted while deer hunting, the nuthatch. They are one of my favorite birds.

These little guys flit around all over the place, including very near me. Occasionally one will land on the arrow that's sitting on the rest.

This is probably the most common sighting in the woods. They are very aggressive toward other squirrels and birds. Noisey little beggars.....

These Downy woodpeckers are cool and once in awhile you get to see a Hairy.

The gray squirrels are less common aroung the Ottertail and are usually subservient to the reds. I like the grays better.

I had a Pileated land about 15 yards from me one day last week. They seem really big when they are close, and what a sound they make.

You don't see these during bow season, they're old enough then to have lost their spots. Just thought I would include the cute little thing.

I got to see a few of these grouse this year. Their population cycle (9 years, I think)has their numbers at the high point now. Lots of people call them "ruffled grouse".

We're getting more and more turkeys in the area, and one afternoon I saw a flock of about 15-20 go by me in the woods.

And this is the supposed "reason" that we spend so many hours sitting in the woods, looking at all the birds and animals.

Tonight as I was driving home from work, I swerved to hit a deer (nice buck), but I missed it. I saw a sign by the Prentice motel that said:

Hunting is Great.
So is our Rate.

Hmmm..... hunting is grate, so's our reat. hunting is grait, so's our raight. As Fudd says, hunting is gweight, so's our wait.
English is grate, eh?

I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

yew guys need ta start ewesing that garage there, hey! yuh might git yerself freezled sittin in a cold car in da mornin. well, love the pics... miss you guise!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful. Have you taken all these pictures, Gene?? The leaves are almost all gone down here now. A few trees are green, here and there!!! Well, I'm going to quit this raight now. Keep the blog going.


Carlo said...

No, I stole all of them off the Wikipedia site. It's great.... usually I only use my photos, but I needed a series to accompany my story, so....

I gotta go, Carlo

yram said...

i hate them squarls...specially the reddies. an i hate them deer tryin to kill my kar.
rest are ok i am thinkin