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January 24, 2008

Late post.... it's Christmas!

Wow, I guess I took a nap for a while!!

Oh, well.... here goes. Santa showed up at Donna's house this year. I was napping in the other room so I missed him.

Bryn must have been a good girl this year, cause Santa filled her stocking with a ton of good things. She was totally thrilled with the whole thing.... I think.

Peg and her mom, Donna, looked on with approval.

Philip seemed more interested in the stocking than Santa. Now that's a concentration look, no?

Billy Bob and Cletus showed up again this year. It wouldn't be Christmas without those two.

Looks like Rosie must have been watching her behavior this year, too. She got a good batch of 'stuff' as well.

Seems like R & B usually end up snoozing like this on Christmas Eve. This year Weston's girlfriend, Josie, conked out too.

Here's another one of those wonderful optical illusion sidewalk chalk drawings by Julian Beever. He's a real scrooge, thowing that kid down into that pit.....


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. You must have had a good time. So glad to see something new on the blog. Keep up the good work.


yram said...

see....isn't the blog fun??????????? me and lucy love it! you are a handsome santa! great photographs and good stuff.
You can see Lucy is keeping an eye on your site.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gene,

Looks very nice to see new blogs new blogs. Good celebrations. I really missed all these.


Anonymous said...

O.K. keep it up. I check it out every few days

Anonymous said...

Oh! It is nice to see the blog. I know that I have not sen it much but now have it available in a place that is reasonable for me to see it more often. I have alwys, however, enjoyed that which I have seen. Glad that you did not quit. Looks like you people had a nice Christmas. Am especially intriqued by that sidewalk art - what is that about? Thanks, Kate

yram said...

you don't have an offensive site like mine! More pics of Peggy's grandbaby! She is a hoot.

yram said...

hey boo...check out the black sheep site:

yram said...

hey ug...put a link to my site on your page. or not.