Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
Ottertail South

January 30, 2008

Winter, weather and snowshoes....

Do you remember the 'big snow' late in December? It left us with ample white powder aroung the Ottertail Compound. Most snow I've seen around the deck in years....

The Lodge always looks nice with some snow on and around it.

This is looking Northwest from the edge of the clearing.

We got some nice trails established across the fields and through a series of logging roads. What a sight with all the snow all over everything!

Some steep hills back there,

some wild looking trees,

and the beast of the Ottertail Woods.

Lots of deer and turkeys visit the lodge during fall and winter. They have some solid trails heading in from the woods and pack the snow down around the lodge.

Peggy really likes to tromp around the woods and the weather was cold but not windy. Really nice to spend some time in the woods.

Here's one of my favorite spots.....

Heading back to the lodge, where the stove is hot and the front room will be toasty.

The lodge and all the surrounding sights and scenery are equally as nice in the winter as they are in summer and fall, just different.

The Lodge is alway open to visitors, just let us know a little ahead of time to insure a warm bunkhouse....

I gotta go, Carlo


yram said...

ah...the woods shots are wonderful. have to get over to Ottertail with my snowshoes. Wonderful pictures. I am ready for a snowshoe walk in the quiet woods. And the woods at Ottertail are just what the doc ordered. Have to get over there.
Bunks in the lodge open this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! I remember one year when the snow piled up around the deck and I was beginning to worry about where to put any more and spring came!! Thanks so much for these wonderful pictures.