Ottertail Country

Ottertail Country
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February 23, 2008


We'll try just this one for the second time..... it's one of the mystery disappearing photos. Dont' they look happy???


yram said...

I can't tell if that is Rose or Bryn. I will guess Bryn and YES! They do look happy. Who wouldn't be with that catch fried up by Lucy!

Carlo said...

We were at Cranberry Lake and caught a few of these slabs. This was quite a few years ago. Lucy, do you remember when we may have caught these? Yes, it's Bryn, and we were fishing with Rose and Lucy.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember just when we caught those fish, but I do know we were on Cranberry in boats and couldn't believe the size of those crappies. Remember years ago when we were all up there when you kids were young and we had a big stringer of fish that slipped off the bank and we lost all of them???? Enjoying all these good pictures. Have you knocked that ice down??


Anonymous said...

i guess i liked killing fish back then! :) it was a lot of fun, don't worry, plus i get to brag about it.


Anonymous said...

I love this picture :)~Rosie