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February 28, 2008


Here are a few "lookin' at" items I've found over the years on the web. I have a huge collection of these things, I thought I might put a few on here.

This is one of those things that are supposedly just painted on the outside of a building. This looks almost too good to be true, but it may be the real thing, I don't know.

And another of those impossible figures. Look at the bottom and it faces one direction, look at the top and it's facing the other way. I like this one...

If I remember correctly, the site I found this on said it was a restaurant somewhere. I want a house like this!!

Not much going on up here, cold and dreary. In the bleak mid-winter.... Too much work, not enough goofing off, I want to ride my motorsickle.....


Anonymous said...

hmmmm how big a house do you want like that? We could always build a play house for Hailee... or we could build a "bunk house" for company... or we could build a "guest houst" for other company... all in variations of that.... if you like... I think building a deck on it would be the most entertaining... might have to put velcro on the patio furniture. :)

We had a little more snow this morning... the turkeys are our feeding and my loved one is still snoozing... hope your lives are just as comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Good pictures. Good idea for a guest house. I always wanted one of those.