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July 30, 2008

The end of siding.

The siding saga. I borrowed this ladder from Swede. I think that instead of Little Giant Ladder it should have been named Great Big Midget. Means the same only sounds better... I think.

The last day of hillbilly siding (house wrap). The north side almost done.

Here is the piece I had been looking for, the final piece of siding destined for the peak of the south gable....

This ladder formed a 10" tall step ladder which was just tall enough to fit the final piece of siding. Standing on the top and holding onto the roof, that is....

O.K., here we go. North side done.

West side done.

East and South sides done. Woo hoooo!!!!

I remembered that I had taken some photos at various stages of construction, taken from the window in the west room upstairs in the house. So I went looking for them and here is what I found.

Then I found this aerial view. You can see the garage roof if you look close, so I threw it in as well. The only external items on the garage now is a little caulk, paint the entry doors, put up the last outside light.

I gotta go, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Save some wood for me to cut Carlo.mmmkay


Anonymous said...

The garage looks fabulous!!!! Good job. What a lot of work tho.


Carlo said...

Ivan, I'm not going to saw it until September......

Glad to have th writing on the garage covered up.