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July 20, 2008

Wedding, part 2

I guess we left off in the last post with the start of the 'photography session'. As we know, getting nice photos requires a little powdering of the nose and such...

Bryn was doing a little experimenting with my camera. This one was on sepia mode and turned out kind of nice.

Hailee lost interest in photos and found the piano at the side of the church. She likes messing around on the piano and she gets a lot of use out of the one in our house when she gets up here.

I lost interest in the photo session and wandered out into the hall. Most of Jim and Carol's family was there.... I guess they were all there and they wanted a photo! We did a few and they turned out nice.

We all relocated to the Cedar Shack for the festivities to follow. I guess Chris was happy that his best man, Jake, made it to the reception????

Phillip was taking his dinner seriously, even though his chair could have used a booster.

Chris and Ashley cut the cake, which was good looking and GOOD TASTING! Of course the feeding each other a piece of cake got out of hand and they both ended up wearing some of the frosting.

This is quite a photo of Gary, Bryn. I was amazed to see it when I downloaded these pics. This is one photo you need to double click to see the large version.

This fearsome trio seemed to hit it off again. They were all wearing the ribbons from (silverware? napkins? what?) around their wrists.

I think Jordan and Weston ate too much cake.

We took Hailee home to Chris and Ashley's house, and Rose and Bryn joined us there for the night. Next morning the bubbles from the wedding provided an hour or so of entertainment.

In the end, she resorted to trying to eat the bubbles in mid-air. That didn't work that well but we all had fun.



Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely wedding with lovely people. Do enjoy all the picturs, Gene.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mini-family photo!! It turned out very well, as did the rest of your photos! And Bryn had some great ones, too! Must have inherited that talent :-)


Carlo said...

Kristi, I'll get your CD of wedding/family photos to you soon. Thanks for reading.....

Anonymous said...

Wow. one week away at BoY Scout camp, and there is a new post and a bunch of new messages. Both are really great to see.
Scout camp was wonderful as usual. We only had 36 boys this week. the troop is getting smaller... but we just had a change in leadership. The scoutmaster and one of the other assistant scoutmasters switched positions.... so I'm hoping that we will once again return to some larger numbers of boys that will be able to benefit from the program. It is really a good program for young and old alike... I know that I sure enjoy it.... and it seems like our boys enjoy it as well...

I have spent the majority of the day unloading the car and unpacking... and waiting for the logging truck to make it's delivery. This will be a first for me, I have never burned wood as a heat source before (except for a camp fire) so I'm sure that I will be learning a lot...

Gene finished the last of the siding on the garage and we now both have spent a couple of hours straightening up the interior of it today. The siding looks GREAT. He did a great job on that again, as normal... He really does amazing work, that man of mine.
I think I'm going to hit the shower and take a nap. I think that I have had a total of about 10 hours of sleep in the last three days... see you all later..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Peggy. :) And I realized that I didn't even comment on the wedding pics which I have been after you, Dad, to put up!! :) Anyway, they are great. ~Rosie