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August 8, 2008

Global wood.

Working on firewood has gotten me to thinking about wood in a broader sense. I did a little search and found photos of people and wood from Italy, Poland, Russia, Bolivia, Peru, Korea, Africa, Southeast Asia, and more.... here are a few views......
You really do need to enlarge these to appreciate the faces. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Good pics, guess we have it pretty good.
Played in a three day golf tourney.
Lost the last match, dropped to 4th
instead of 1st.
Oh well, get'em next year.

Anonymous said...

Keep practicing Boo, If you made it to the pro level, we could see more of you... on tv.. :)

ya, they are really cool pictures aren't they.

Hello Dawn....

Anonymous said...

I'll send you one more picture to add, if you want to use it!


Carlo said...

Yes, please.... is it one of the "husband of the year" award photos by any chance......?

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures Dad