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Ottertail Country
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January 23, 2010

A Northern Holiday Adventure


Between Christmas and New Years we had some snowy weather. Peggy and I had made some snowshoe trails around Ottertail country and we were getting ready for a visit from the city.

We had some cold, still days in late December, evidenced by the straight-up plume of smoke from the "boiler"....

They finally made it up to the lonely wilds of Northern Wisconsin. They certainly look like they are ready for anything, hey?

Sarah was back from LA, hoping for a snow covered Wisconsin for Christmas. She got her wish and them some. Big snowstorm just as she was heading to Wausau from California.

Pete found a Miller High Life in a "camouflage" can and thought that was just right for the Northern trip.

Even though he was officially "off duty", he was on the phone a couple of times that day taking care of some brewing issues for the Great Dane in Wausau. You may remember Pete from my post about brewing at the Dane... He is in charge of keeping the kegs full.

Rosie always enjoys getting out in the woods of the Ottertail, and was quite involved in the construction of the Lodge about 12 years ago. Without the help of Rose and Bryn, it would have taken a lot longer to get that building done.

All righty, then, we're ready to head out! Pete and Sarah have not been on snowshoes before, so this could be interesting. Rosie kind of grew up on snowshoes......

In fact, here we are putting bindings on her first pair of snowshoes. She's about four years old, I'm guessing.

And here she is, out shoeing with her "baby" on her back.

Anyway, here they are starting into the Ottertail woods.

After we got back, they were not looking all that peppy anymore! Peggy had some good chili for lunch and some apple pie for desert. The crew looked a little better after that.....

Rosie also grew up learning the shooting arts. Started out with .22 rifles when Rose and Bryn were young, progressing up to the .45 auto and .44mag..... everyone took a turn with a few different guns and I decided to film Rose's turn with the 45. Oh, yeah....

Another enjoyable adventure at Ottertail Lodge. Give a call if you want to plan an adventure here, any time of year!!!

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual ... snowshoeing truly is one of those shortcuts to happiness ... unless the bindings aren't right ... or you overdress ... or the creek you're crossing never finished freezing under the snow ... or that baby on Rosie's back slipped away somewhere back along the trail, etc, etc ... good to "meet" Pete and see a little more of Sarah ...and bless the woman waiting with chili and apple pie.
mary a

Anonymous said...

Another great group of pictures. I do love the pictures of Rosie when she was a wee one. Thanks again for sharing your happy times with all of us


Carlo said...

I see the videos are not working. Did either of you get to see them?

yram said...

videos work. Great shot many cans? sheesh! I love the pics of Rosie! How about that bald-headed baby riding along!
Snowshoeing is a good thing as Mary sez. i remember night shoeing around the Westboro and Minocqua woods long ago. Wonderful remembrances.
Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

yes,caught the video update and they both worked fine ... yram, I remember snowshoeing on your land at Westboro to a lowland Spruce(?) area and building a fire - a quiet,snowy, heavy-sky,late night ... around New Year's maybe ... and singing the old, Robert Burns version of Auld Lang Syne ... could that be right?

yram said...

Yes...that was by our place although i am not sure it was entirely on our land. may have been...the old noggin is fuzzy. it was a nice area and thanks for reminding me...had forgotten about the snowshoe trail I had across the creek and through the woods!

bobandjanm said...

Nice to see folks enjoying your northwoods. I remember Jan and myself hiking to your place from Dad's on a moonlit winter night. We still talk about that.

It's good to see snow shoeing where it's actually useful. I've heard folks on public radio asking for directions to "snow shoe areas", meaning established trails. It always seemed to me that it was best when snow is deeper than your boot soles.

Keep up the good work.

Cousin Bob

Anonymous said...

Good post :) I thought I hit all but one of those cans....must be getting rusty...hahahahaha Thanks for that afternoon, it was fun! :) ~Rosie