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December 31, 2009

Christmas vacation......


Early in my winter vacation I went on an ice fishing expedition with Ivan and his grandson, Mycal. We spent quite few hours and caught -0- fish!! Not like this crew to go home empty....

We fished a little lake northeast of Park Falls. It was one of those high humidity days with the temps in the mid 20's, and the trees were all covered with frost.

We fished until a little after noon and the frost never left.... what a sight it was.

On Christmas Eve we went to Peg's mother's house. It's amazing how Santa always makes his rounds at the same time each year... just after the Christmas dinner.

Rose must have behaved herself well enough to get a stocking full of treats.

This is Peggy's brother, Gary. He seems to be really fond of Santa (Gary's son, Jordan).

Hmmm.... how did Peggy manage to be in Santa's good graces?? Just kidding..

I was a little under the weather with a serious allergy attack in process. I spent most of the evening in the TV room, slightly groggy from the Benedryl capsules I had taken.

Bryn got some goodies, too.

The youngest member of the crew, Philip. He's Donna's great-grandson.

Here is Philip with his dad, Kent, who is the son of Peg's brother Jim (on the left).

Chris was late getting in from Rapids, as he could not get off work early. He had ordered a specific plate of food and Peggy had it ready for him!

Kristi, Peggy and Philip. I think they all had a good time playing in the living room.

You have to watch what you say to Kristi or you just might get a stiff finger to the nose. Looks like Peggy might have said the wrong thing..... oh, but I'm just kidding her. Anyway it was another great evening and we got home late.

I thought you might want to watch the following video. I guess you should use your own judgement, as Bryn was testing one of the programs on her new Apple computer. Thanks, Bryn.... I think.

Smiley Faces



Anonymous said...

Bryn, I did enjoy your video. What terrible people who did not like your movie. Especially, Jay Leno's sister!!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful frosty pictures. Looks like Santa was good to all. Maybe he got some money under the table??

Gene, Peggy, why the wonder about my birthday?? It is today, the second.

Love, Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hey Grandma,
Dad said to look on your facebook page, apparently it says the wrong date (the 1st) for your b-day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Nice pics, Dad) ~Rosie

Anonymous said...

well then, Happy Birthday again Lucy. Hope it was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Christmas was fun!! It was great seeing all the family, especially since we were unable to get out to Fargo to be with Adam's family.

Santa seems to have gotten quite a bit younger since last year.....

And now I know why people say I'm "nosey" :-)