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December 16, 2010

Winter weather.


I'm trying to get into the winter mindset. It seems like we are there for sure now...... -25° on Tuesday, -20° on Wednesday, but only -15° this morning. It got into the 20's today and it felt pretty balmy outside!

These are some file photos, not fresh, but very much like the wintry weather we have been having.

We finalized the house deal two weeks ago today. Peggy has been busy moving things to the chalet, and we just got electricity in there a couple of days ago.

Here is a view of a snowy yard before the boiler came to live at the Ottertail. How soon one forgets what things looked like before a big change.... I have been digging wood out of the pile, it looks like it has been mortared into place. That ridiculous wind last weekend blew snow several feet into the pile, not from the ends of the pieces of wood, but from the side. I can't believe how far into the pile the snow was driven. No airspace in that pile, just wood and snow.....

Mid-winter lodge.

This tree provides great photos any season of the year.

One of those mornings when the hoarfrost clings to everything and the world is one big glistening panorama.

The turkeys don't seem to mind the weather. They must have feet with no nerve receptors in them!

This one is my favorite. Every twig and blade of grass had countless ice crystals covering all surfaces.

I need to get a better start at sorting, tossing, packing and moving. Peggy has set the pace and I seem to be lagging behind. I will have a couple of weeks off work this month, maybe I will turn into the mighty master mover. We'll see. We are still talking about how to use the space in the house, what will go where, etc. I'm glad we don't have to get this done by next weekend!

Only about a week until Christmas, everyone all set for it????



Carlo said...


Anonymous said...

yippie... another post. Thank you, my dear...
Hailee and I came home together today after going to her "4K Christmas Tea"... she's 5 and there was no tea. hmmmm. :)
We stopped at the A-Frame on the way home and repaired the little Christmas tree that fell over and added some lights inside. It's beginning to look a little more festive now. :) she loves it there too...already. :) me too.
Merry Christmas all.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics but it sure looks cold.
-15,-20 and -25?
I think my key board is freezing up.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Sure looks like winter is here to stay, with all of it's bitter cold! Enjoyed the "warm" day today - above 20 degrees finally!! It is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!