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December 19, 2010

Northcountry news.


What an event!! December 21st, the winter solstice, also has a full moon and a total lunar eclipse...

Here you can find all the details of the event, along with copious amounts of info on all types of eclipses and other interesting things....

I thought these successive images were really cool....

And guess who recently turned 5? About a month ago, actually.

I missed the party, but Peggy returned with all these good photos.

Aunt Carol, Hailee and Great Grandma Donna.

Hailee and great uncle Jim.

Hailee and uncle Adam.

Oh, and thanks for the make-up kit, Auntie Carol!!!

About a week ago we had the 'big snowstorm'. The 30-40 mile an hour winds provided these really nice snow wave all across the field. Also some major drifts right in front of the garage.

Even though our woodpiles are covered on top, those winds blew snow up into the pile. Not from the ends of the pieces, but right against the sides of them. I took these photos today after digging about two feet into the pile. Still all the wood is encased in snow, even in the very center of the pile.

This is just to the left of the view above. No air space in this wood pile, all air was replaced by wind driven snow. I've never seen snow get into a covered pile like this......

Hailee and Chris were up again this weekend. Never a dull moment....

We've got this pancake routine down pat. Hailee knows where all the ingredients are, she's expert at cracking the eggs, and helps with all phases of the project.

Today I did a little logging. O.K., call it firewooding. I located a couple of standing dead trees, one ironwood, one maple. I cut them and turned them into firewood for the lodge.

That trailer is the handiest thing we've gotten in a long time.

We're still working slowly on packing and moving (me more slowly than Peg), but I believe I will get in gear properly after the holidays. Tomorrow I start my winter vacation and will not return to work until January 3rd!!

Have a good holiday season!


Carlo said...

I'm on a roll.....

Anonymous said...

No kidding! 2 posts! :) Great pics, I love love love frost covering everything in the morning! That woodpile is a little scary though...glad I wasn't out in that storm. I didn't know about the eclipse tomorrow night, pretty cool! ~Rosie

Carlo said...

First total lunar eclipse on the solstive in 372 years.....

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! first one in 372 years, mmmm...??? it doesn't seem like it was that long ago, my how time........goes kinda quick, kinda, almost like it flys, REALLY fast! but the eclipse just looked like a bunch of snow to me, doh.
"Have HAPPY day!"


Anonymous said...

Hailee sure looks pretty with all that makeup :-) And she seems to be a good pancake assistant - may have to borrow her!

Went out to see the lunar eclipse last night, but too cloudy :-( guess I'll have to wait another 300 some years!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hailee,
I just checked my interdepartment mail box at work for the first time in a couple of months, and found a gift from you in it. I thinks it's REALLY COOL!!! Thank you so much!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Take care and have a GREAT day!
Your pal,