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August 8, 2011

July happenings.


This is getting ridiculous!!  Last post was early July, for crying out loud.....  I'll give a brief update on the past weeks, then I hope to get back on track and be a little more frequent with this blogging stuff.

On the weekend of the 4th, we got a visit from cousin Sue and Gary.  It was good to catch up and they got a grand tour of the mess, projects, plans and such.  Visitors are always welcome and prior notice is not necessary.

Later that day, we were joined by Dawn, Russ and Peggy's mom, Donna. I grilled some steaks and Peggy made a bunch of other goodies for dinner.  The first official dinner guests in the new kitchen!

It was a good test of counter space (just plywood at the time), sink and stove areas, etc.  It was a busy time and a good dinner.

Peg and Donna seemed to enjoy the day, and Russ and I provided a little music on button accordian and guitar. 

The day after those guests, Bryn stopped in for a brief visit on her way back to Milwaukee.  What would a Bryn visit be without tree climbing???

Or maybe visiting the peak of the A-frame roof?  It was good to see her and the visits are always too short to suite Peg and I.

The next week we got a visitor from McDermott Top Shop, a provider of Corian countertop.  He had an interesting set-up for measuring the kitchen.  A laser device on a tri-pod that fed information to his computer.  That in turn generated a cad drawing that would be used to manufacture the necessary pieces.

This device works really well, as will be evidenced by the photos of the new counter tops that they eventually installed.  Photos to follow......

I've also busied myself with a few other projects, including Peg's wheeler.  I got new tires and put them on, fixed all the breaks so they're working well, and rebuilt the carburator.  Also put in a new battery so the starter actually works now.

We worked on getting a garage sale set up and that went O.K. (meaning not much cash).  The remainder of the items went to St. Vinny's.  I'm sure that there will be a couple more sales in the future.

Between customers, Peg and Donna had the time to get in a couple of games of Scrabble. 

Rose and AJ also stopped in one weekend, but I don't have any photos!  I'm slipping, I guess.  They showed up Saturday and went home Sunday afternoon.  We got in a little wheeler riding, AJ's first time, and the grin never left his face......

Well, that's all I have time for tonight, more later.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Wow - you have been keeping busy! Hard to imagine all that activity in such a short time period! Missed the garage sale - glad Grandma was able to come down and help out! By the way, so is that guy with a mustache in the first picture :-) Think that is the first time I've ever seen you without the full beard! Kristi

Anonymous said...

things are happening at an amazing pace around here... Can hardly wait for the next few postings...

life is good.