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June 28, 2011

Nearly the 4th of July already!!!


Lots going on, I'll give a brief synopsis.....

After looking through my pix, I realize that I did not take a photo of the pulp pile before it was sawed into firewood lengths.  Oh well, here we are after splitting one 32' long pile. 

This trailer that I've talked about is really a handy item.  We decided that where the first pile is located, the wind and sun will have a somewhat limited effect.  So we decided to stack it in a more open location.  So we split until the trailer was heaped full, then transported it to the north side of the property.

I fired up the mower and gave the old field a butch cut.  We piled all the remaining wood out here in the open.

I'm a lucky guy.... part way through the process my dear Peggy delivered a plate of soft boiled eggs on toast for lunch.  That hit the spot!

At last we finished up the splitting process.  We have a good supply, probably way more than we will need next winter.  But I'm not complaining, mind you.

Anyway, I'm still battling the bats.  After plugging up all the holes on the east wall of the garage, we discovered evidence of continued habitation.  Last weekend I cut brush and mowed all the way around the garage, then started in with screening, caulk, great stuff foam, etc, and started filling in any hole that looked like a bat might fit through.  Next evening we left the overhead door open at dusk and watched a bunch of bats fly out.  We closed the door and hoped for the best.  Next night we watched a bunch fly out of a gap that I had not noticed on the south front corner.  Tonight I filled that hole and a few other spots that looked unlikely, but I'm not taking any chances.  Then I watched them fly out the big door again, and after about 20 minutes of no more exits, I closed the door.   We'll see.......

And here's hoping that we'll have a new masonry heater in the house this fall!  This is one of my favorites, but probably not quite what we will end up with.

In my spare time I'm finishing the kitchen items.  Tonight I got the rest of the temporary counter tops fit and put in place.  We ordered the new tops through Home Depot, and decided to go with the Corian tops.  These use less square footage because of the joining method, and there are no seams in the finished top.  The parts are put together with an epoxy that makes the joints into one piece!  Next week a guy is coming to do the final measure up, then they make the parts and some guys come and install the stuff.  I was not to keen on this until we found out that it would not be too much extra cost, and (most importantly) I won't have to deal with the install job.  That can be a real pain........  These guys will install it complete, including cutting the hole for the sink.

Well, that's it for now.....

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Those wood piles look very nice! I can just image the warmth they will give this winter in that new fireplace! It will be nice and toasty at your place! No need for hot chocolate :-)


Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly is nice having Dawn around. Her never ending enthusiasm is only topped by her amazing energy level. She already has the inside of the homestead looking quite "smashing", and Lucy would have been thrilled with all of the gardens and flowers that are now present. Dawn always seems to have some special baked treat waiting for anyone that ventures her way, that, and a wonderfully smiling face. What a gal. Now, we just have to wait for Timmy. We all hope that things are going well out there.
Congrats to Pam on her tri-race, too bad your bike broke Kristi, but glad we could keep the "winning" in the family.
hugs to all, ps

Anonymous said...

With this heat and humidity, one wonders why you would ever need firewood! Amazing how the temperatures vary so much between sumer and winter!

The Phillips Tri did go well! Pam ans Dan both had great races - and deserve the top local awards! My bike is now fixed and riding well. Hope it holds up during my half-ironman this weekend!