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Ottertail Country
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November 11, 2008

Early November

November the 1st I went flying. The weather was a little hazy and cold enough for 'doors on' flying. Hence the poor quality photo above, but you get the idea of how the Ottertail area looks in late autumn. [you can make out the wood pile if you try...... ;-) ]

Another one of those dandy late October Ottertail sunsets. I have a really nice one from late November one year, I'll have to dig that out....

I still have quite a few pieces of gnarly maple wood from the old tree. I'm asking a second and last time if anyone wants some. Relax, those who have replied, your orders are secure. I'm thinking that in a week or so, the rest is going into the boiler.....

Guess who just had a birthday!!! Three years old now and that hair is getting thicker all the time.

Grandma and great-grandma headed to Rapids last Saturday for the event, and it sounds like everyone had a great time.

I agree, ice cream is to be savored with one's eyes closed....

And here is Bryn ready to head off to school. I guess they dress like that these days at UWM.... go figure.

I gotta go, the hunting story will wait a day or so... Carlo


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA. yes, the dress of a teal, aquamarine, or heather shade is ideal; however, lazier versions of myself resort to plain old jeans, t-shirts, etc.


Anonymous said...

A piece of the old tree would be great. How do we do that?
Miss home.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures. Hailee is growing up so fast. She looks a lot like her Grandma Peggy. Good to see pictures of the old place and the wood pile is impressive.

Love, lc

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all at the birthday party!! Hailee is sure growing up fast - and getting a nice head of hair!!

Love the dress, Bryn!


Carlo said...

I will put some of the remaining pieces of maple somewhere dry and anyone can get, or arrange to get, a hunk when it works out.

yram said...

wood pile??? guess i missed it. is it soon too cold to fly? Did you wax the end of that maple chunk? I am interested to know what John will make.
That baby does not look like mini me anymore! I can't believe she is 3? You are getting old ps!
Just keep that one chunk for us and one more log for our fireplace. I would love to burn just one piece over here in marinette.

yram said...

don't let bryn kid you...she was at home in that outfit! heehee