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Ottertail Country
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November 16, 2008


Not current, but a really nice sky. Just after a storm when the clouds were breaking.

Back to the old Maple tree left overs. As you can see, I have retrieved a bunch of the pieces to save for wanters.

These pieces are from the area where all the limbs were sprouting new growth, and they all are crooked and have an interesting look. I'll keep these for a while, let me know......

Again, not a current photo, but a quite dramatic sunset.

I went to the back forty last Tuesday, and saw quite a bit of action. Three does came walking in from the east and soon after a doe with twin buck fawns showed up from the south. They spent some time in a territorial, dominence sort of thing, with the does rearing up and pawing at each other. The eastern does would chase the fawns and try to hit them with their feet. After a few minutes of this entertainment, they all abruptly left to the east, apparently in a hurry. A few minutes later a buck showed up from the west, kind of like the one I passed up a week or so before. This guy also got the chance to grow a little more..... I noticed that it looked a little hazy around me, and discovered that it was snowing, and with such little flakes that you could not notice them at first. As the light slowly faded, it appeared to get darker out, but also it seemed to be getting lighter. The ground turned gray, then white as the snow continued. It never did get much darker and it was a nice walk home, no flashlight needed. Just before I got to the field, I heard what seemed to be someone letting out a coarse yell. Just as I reached the field I saw a rather large bird take flight from a nearby tree. I heard the same call several times as I made my way through the white pine sentries and back to the lodge. Another sound rang out a few times and the only thing I can think of to describe it would be a six year old girl letting out a very loud, frightened "eek!!!!!". I'm supposing these were owl sounds, I'll have to call Yram and give her my impersonation of them over the phone. Maybe she can tell me what they were. Anyone else good at owl sounds???

This was the woodpile reference......

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Have you decided the sounds were an owl?? Sounds like a nice journey into and out of the woods. An impressive wood pile. Thanks for the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! I miss everyone! :( Hailee is so super cute! ~Rosie

yram said...

Very cool...the owl sounds. I would have to do some research which I will do. Great wood pile! heehee
We have some wonderful wood from a neighbor for our fireplace...nice slow and warm burn. Oh...the simple joys.
I wish I had an outdoor wood furnace but seeing all the work...not in the near future!
Will try and get over your way soon. Is there snow on the ground? None here.
Remember that Thanksgiving in Ogema when it was around 80 degrees? Was that 1998 or 1999? For some reason I think we were the only ones around the homestead. hmmmm....can't quite remember.

yram said...

I think you should think about wild life photography in addition to wild life gun shooting. Seems you are learning quite abit about your quarry. cool

yram said...

Your owl might be a short-eared owl female but not sure. Maybe a Barred Owl which gives strange calls during flight on occasion. Record it!

Carlo said...

Record it just by putting a cassette recorder out there and hoping for the best?