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November 24, 2008

Huntin' and stuff.


I need to change the picture up above, the place looks a little more wintery and cold than that picture implies.......

Hey, Rose and Bryn, thanks for letting Hailee play with the dogs. She seems to really like them.

she really seems to like namma as well. The 5.5 day visit ended yesterday, and I think they both wish it could have been longer.....

Gramma Donna was down on Sunday evening for supper and a visit. She read some stories to Hailee and they seem to hit it off really well.

I went to the Taj Mashack on Friday late afternoon. It's quite near Wintergreen Lake, which is frozen over now. I went up for the celebratory gathering the night before deer season.

So this is what a 'hunting shack' looks like. It is inviting, though, tucked back in the birch and poplar.

Mike Lord was on hand to help with the fish fry. I wonder how many fish those boys have caught and eaten.... must be a brazilian of them.

O.K., check the map, make some plans, yadda, yadda, yadda....... the fish is done, time to eat!

Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. Fish, french fries, potato salad, bread..... what more would one need.

Well, besides food and a couple of rounds of Texas hold 'em... I actually came in third out of seven in the first one so I got my up-front money back. Next game only had four players (some people went to bed.... go figure) and I came in third again, no winnings..... Oh, well, who cares.

Saw this the other day, thought Paul and Jenny would enjoy it. Have you guys done any twisting chimneys yet?

Here's a couple of cute little white deer. Don't know who took these, but they are kind of neat.

Well, we're heading to Milwaukee on next Friday. Going to visit kin down there, eat some Thanksgiving type food, and mainly goof off for a couple of days. Then I'll have to fight my way through seven days of work until I'm off til January 2nd.... oh, I do love being off during December...

I gotta go, Carlo



yram said...

Good photos. Sure wish there was a "shack" around here somewhere serving free fish!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Hailee. So nice that she visited with you without her parents. Must be fun to gather at the Taj Mahal and enjoy the company of your friends and have such wonderful food.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Hailee had a great time as always!! And that hunting "shack" seems very inviting! But does it bring in the big bucks is the question!


Anonymous said...