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April 16, 2009

Catching up.


This is how the wood piled appeared on April 6th.... not much left! But it doesn't take much wood to keep the boiler hot as the house is getting a lot of heat from sunshine and not as much loss to not-so-cold air outside. I'm just trying to get the most out of having the water heater turned off, so will keep burning until I'm completely out...

Now this looks like a kit of some sort for something or other. Actually, it's a bunch of parts I made at work for a shelf idea for the garage.

In the winter we park the motorcycles cross ways in the garage along the wall opposite the overhead doors. This leaves a large wall space that is of no particular use. So I fired up my drawing program, designed a shelf system, made laser burn patterns and produced some parts.

I also had to do some bending, a little welding, and finally some bolting together of parts at home.
I took advantage of an overhead roof truss member and designed the brackets to hang on there, then the cross supports bolted to the vertical part and attached to the wall with lag bolts.

Here's a view taken from a ladder. The shelves are 20 feet long and 2 feet deep. We will still be able to park the bikes along the wall there (you can see part of Peg's bike under there) and be able to store a bunch of stuff above. Probably will want put lighter stuff on these, like coolers, etc.

Here is the moon hovering over the Ottertail one spring evening. What a nice full moon period we had in April! Clear each night and the moon was bright.

Earlier that same evening I got this shot. I love the look of the low evening sun on that wood siding.

That's about all for today, I'm trying to catch up with this stuff, and I'm getting close.......



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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of good pictures. And what a good idea for the shelves. I think you are the smarty pants!!! Love the moon shot also.