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Ottertail Country
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April 18, 2009

Getting closer......


Finally had a chance to go flying!! The weather has either been too cold or too windy (mostly that) since early January. In fact this was the first time I've flown since Kristi went with me. Relax, Adam, I'll be giving you a call soon.........

Notice how clear this photo is. It was taken through... "the new plastic on the door"!! Back in February I talked about putting new plastic in the plane's zip-out doors. It's so clear that it seems like there's no window in the plane, it's great and I'm excited about it. The plastic for the next one is on the dining room table now and scheduled for cutting, fitting and sewing into position...... soon!

Yeah, Kristi, I'm keeping an eye on you guys..... when Adam flies with me, we can get some getter pics. These I did by trying to fly and take a picture at the same time. Usually not too bad, but the clear window is on the side I was sitting, so it was hard to get the camera far enough away from my face to be able to aim, focus, etc. Much easier shooting out the other side, or, better yet, when a photographer is in the plane with me.

You saw that single pile of wood in an earlier post, that's gone now and I'm burning up what ever is handy. We found a few fallen trees right next to the yard, so we cut these up and hauled them via wheelbarrow to the stove. I'm thinking that April 16th or 17th will be the final burn day.

That little silver maple in the back yard is getting big enough to make it's presence known. It's hard for the moon to get up through all those branches.

And here is a shot of our "giant trained seal" balancing the moon on his nose. That seal lives about 150 yards out into the woods, so you can imagine how large it is.

Well, that's all from the Ottertail today.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Bravo!!!!! Off into the 'Wild Blue Yonder'. It's a great day here today, Sat., and maybe you will be flying again??? Thanks for the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hey - that's our house!! Thanks for the picture; it's really neat!!! Hard to believe it has been a couple months since you have been up flying!! I sure enjoyed it when we went this winter; and Adam is patiently (kinda :-) his turn! Kristi

Anonymous said...

love the clarity of those pictures you took through your new "windows" on the plane!! Somebody sure must love you to make those for you! (Good job Aunt Peg!) The pictures were so clear I actually forgot they were taken through the plane!


Anonymous said...

Well, someone does love him a lot but, in this particular case, a local seamstress with an industrial machine was the one that "fixed up the windows". It sure does look better though, doesn't it.
Spring is finally here I think. I saw 2 purple crocus (sp?) at the southwest corner of the dining room. We have seen the piliated woodpecker once, and heard him a couple of times. We've seem a pair of cardinals, along with the normal deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc. It's certainly time to do the flowerbeds, but haven't had any time yet. We'll see about them later.
hugs to all. ps