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April 15, 2009

Kettle, day two....


On Kettle weekend, Chris, Ashley and Hailee stayed overnight, so we had a little extra visit time. Gotta love those tap shoes........

Remember the phrase from years ago, 'little miss smarty pants' ? Hmmmm.... anyway, I seem to remember a banjo song from years ago, may have been an original, called 'Little miss Marty Spance'. Any recollections of that, anyone?????

Sunday morning is pancake time, and Hailee and I are getting a pretty solid routine..... it must have started with that teddy bear pancake mold we found.

After breakfast, Hailee helped grandma brush out her hair. She seemed to take it very seriously.

And a little piano playing. Didn't last too long, as there was one more balloon to blow up. Now this kid has a unique talent. She loves to blow up balloons, and she does not hold them with her hands! She keeps them in with her teeth (I'm guessing) and blows, blocks the air from getting out while she breathes in through her nose, then blows again..... this is done to any empty balloons there are, sometimes she lets the air out again and re-inflates. Go figure.... I can hardly get one of those blasted things blown up.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

How fast time passes, Hailee is growing up so fast. I love all the pictures. I have to make Swedish pancakes soon. Am hungry for some. Really nice pictures.


Anonymous said...

Pancakes sound good right now - maybe I can convince Adam to make some for dinner!

Hailee is sure full of energy - would hvae guessed all that tap-dancing would wear her out a bit!