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August 2, 2010

Greetings from the sticks....


Everyone needs a good, reliable humidity gauge. This is ours.... and when you see the same glistening drops on the plant at 5:00P.M. as you saw at 5:00A.M., well, you know you might as well give up.

Kind of cute looking though....

O.K., so I'm a little behind in the news.... Tim visited in July, the 7th, 8th and 9th I guess. We did a few things, here are some of them.

One morning we got up early, well, O.K., 8:00, and got ready to head out. A motorcycle jaunt was near the top of the list of things to cram into a couple of days.

So, Russ, Tim and I headed out for points north and west. We managed a stop at Musky Tail Resort north of Winter for some shade and a beer. We headed up to clam lake, then to Lakewood Resort near Cable. We headed down to Hayward, then south to 70, down 27 to Ladysmith and then home on 8. We only got rained on a little bit.....

One day we spent a few hours burning up some gunpowder. 45 auto, 357mag, 38 spec, 45ACP revolver, etc. (above a view of lodge doorway).

We hung a blanket in the doorway and tried to catch the bulk of the brass inside the building. It worked pretty well, and it was easier to pick them up in there than in the grass.

Hey, here's a little heads-up on the house project. I got an old flat belt from work and laid it out where the old shingles will be cascading down the roof tomorrow!! I hope most of the stuff lands on the trailer, or at least on the belting. Josh is coming down in the morning to start on things. The materials from Menards will arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Josh figures he and his helper can complete each quarter section of the roof (about what you see here) in two days per section. I'll keep you up to date on the progress. I was going to try to do this myself, but after discovering that there are two layers of asphalt shingles, one layer of original cedar shingles and roof boards gapped for wood shingles, I decided to get some help. They will have to tear off all the old shingles and then put 1/2" thick plywood (OSB) on the entire roof, then tarpaper, ice & water dam and shingles. Worst case scenario possible, but what else is new?



Anonymous said...

Good luck on that project! I'm glad that you are tackling that work!!


Anonymous said...

Gene, I hate this hot weather. Really enjoyed the pictures of your motorcycle adventure. Keep up the good work, I really like seeing pictures of the old place.''