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Ottertail Country
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August 8, 2010

Weekend update.


By mid-afternoon on Saturday, we had all the old shingles and other scrap cleaned up from the front of the house. What a relief that was!

So the west half is done except for the section that Peggy and I are going to do.

The more I look at that new color, the more I realize that the old light brown was just too light. Not enough contrast between the white and roof. But I guess I never even thought about that before....

From way out in the field.

This photo and the next show a good comparison.

Today we set up some plywood at the corners on the east side of the house to help keep the shingles off the siding when they fall. Maybe keep some junk off the door and the air conditioner.

That's if for now, the crew is supposed to show up Monday to start on the east half. I suppose it will depend on the weather. Phillips area got another 5+ inches of rain on Saturday night, we got a bunch but not nearly as much as farther north.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

I do like the green much better than the brown or red. It looks so cool. Hot here again tonight.


yram said...

looks just great! wow...

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Love that dark color - really adds some contrast!! With all this heat, those guys on the roof are either crazy or tough!


Anonymous said...

The house looks great dude!
Good luck...!!!


Anonymous said...

house looks great-nice to see it again, so many great memories of that house. Linda J

Carlo said...

Greetings, Linda! If you're ever anywhere near the Ottertail, please do stop in.