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September 12, 2010

Odds and ends.


We had a visit from Hailee a few weeks ago. Each time she visits, she gets a little knitting done. This time she got some instruction from great-grandma Donna.....

She seems quite determined to be able to knit for some reason. Technique is somewhat rustic but I think she has the basic idea figured out.

The day that the crew finished the main roof, we fixed some food for them. Peggy had made some muffins, and a couple of kinds of cucumber dishes.

I grilled up some brats, the only thing we had in the fridge......

We had the table and chairs down on the ground because of all the roofing supplies and stuff on the deck. Kind of like a garden party. Here are some of the roofers, and I guess they worked up a good appetite on the roof that day. I kept my hands out of the way until they had their plates full.

Here is our latest purchase. Not the wheeler, the trailer.

I've been thinking of some kind of small trailer that I can use with the 4wheeler around the yard. Wide tires, some load capacity, etc. This is the trailer we got, HD1500.

I saw this one on-line and have been deciding about if for months. After using the tractor and pulp trailer for hauling roofing debris, I decided to pull the trigger on this purchase. Best decision in a long while!! Not only is it great for hauling stuff, it has a dump feature and the axle pivots when you pull the dump release. Makes for easy unloading. Yesterday I built a plywood deck for the top of it and it makes for a great little work area, toolbox/boombox platform, etc. This trailer gets use every time I work on anything around the place......

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Hailee certainly has more patience, and skill, than any other grandchildren/great-grandchildren! Good for her! I'm excited to see one of her creations some day!


Carlo said...

Yes, she seems able to focus on things pretty well. We'll keep you in mind for a "project viewing" if anything materializes...