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September 13, 2010

More drivel....


This was one of the stickiest spots to complete. Here the old shingles are still in place and the scaffold is ready. Let's dive in......

You'll notice that the little roof is somewhat pagoda shaped. They used short little curved rafters and used 4" wide boards to produce a curved surface. Of course, the end sections have the same curved shape.

Here's a better view. The hole in the center was apparently cut in for the purpose of insulating the ceiling of the bay window area.

Here's that trailer again. Always parked below the project to catch all the scrap as I tore it loose.

OK, junk off, ice guard in place. Looks pretty tame, but all the old flashing needed to be replaced and that meant removing a bunch of the vinyl siding in the area. The shingles required step flashing where they met the wall on the curved end areas.

Finally, all the shingles are on, flashing installed and tarred, new j-channel for where the siding meets the roof, and siding re-fit and installed. This area took longer to do than both of the longer areas over the front and rear doors....

Well, it's starting to look like a house with a green roof...... here are a few views.

Scaffolding set in front of the house in anticipation of applying aluminum soffit and fascia to the upper dormer area, leaving no wood surfaces to worry about (no painting....). I need about 5 or 6 more pieces of scaffold, I hope Paul will loan me a few more. Then I can do the whole dormer area without dealing with constantly moving heavy ladders. We'll see....

Still need to re-shingle that little roof over the living room window seat area. I guess it will be as much of a pain in the neck as the pagoda over the south window.

Bow hunting soon......

That's it for now, I gotta go......



Anonymous said...

Nice Jorb on the rufe dar hey!!!
Good luck wit da rest ov it.
"Have HAPPY day!"


Anonymous said...

Looks like you did a great job on the roof! Maybe Josh is hiring and you do work for him :-) Just kidding!


Anonymous said...

More Drivel Please :-)