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September 6, 2010

Airplane goes south.......


I know, I know..... you've seen this airplane many times over the last four years or so. Fact is, it just left my rented hangar space a week or two ago!! I've been thinking of selling for a while now, had it advertised a few places, had a few interested parties...... now it's gone.

Daniel Reis, from the Owen area, decided he liked it and he showed up with cash, a tool box and a trailer. We started dismantling the aircraft so he could take it home.

One wing off. Luckily Al's 182 Cessna was gone for the day and we had the whole hangar to spread things out.

There were a bunch of air tubes and such to disconnect before we could take off the left wing.

It was starting to look a little weird by the time we got the second wing off.

One wing laying on the ground, trailer waiting on the tarmac....

Dan and his wife, Carmine, and Peggy and I were able to get the plane onto the trailer. We screwed pieces of board to the trailer deck to keep the wheels from being able to roll, put on a bunch of ratchet tie down straps and that's that.

We loaded the wings and struts on the trailer, tied it all down and off they went........

Back in the hangar the only thing left was the little desk I had there..... so, we loaded it into the truck and drove home.

End of story.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Now I poze it's on to the next adventure dude, eh?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss that little plane :-( Really enjoyed having a ride and viewing Phillips from up above! Also enjoyed hearing about all of your adventures with it, and seeing all the fabulous pictures you took! I guess it's been said already - on to the next adventure!


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, Ivan and Greg say it's time to post on something else and Ivan lern't Greg how to comment on dis site now hey.

Carlo said...

Oh, joy......!!

Jest kiddin.