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January 9, 2011

Early January


We have a few turkeys hanging around, and here is a hen with a beard! It's not all that rare, I guess. (The one just to the right of center.....)

Hmm... a deer eating a carrot. This is not from my camera, but I thought it was cute.

Here is that handy, dandy trailer again. When I bought it I never imagined that it would be used to help empty out the lodge.....

Yes, I'm slowly getting it all moved, one van or pickup load at a time.

Yesterday I went over to Randy Hueckman's tree fields just west of here on Highway 13. I found a suitable tree, cut it and dragged it to the truck. This tree was huge in diameter, so we wrapped it in a cloth to reduce needle loss while dragging it through doorways.

Finally got it through the hall and into the living room. I trimmed some of the ends from the branches near the wall on the right side, and it still sticks about a foot farther than the bedroom door!

...and yes, there are a few goodies under the tree.

This weekend will be our second Christmas gathering, as this is the only weekend all the kids can get up here at the same time. It kind of helps extend the holiday season, though..... I'm sure it will be a good time!



Carlo said...

Just a little something to kill time during the Packer game......

Anonymous said...

We didn't get a tree up this year, and Adam told me it was too late! But now I have you guys on my side!!! Hope you guys had a great "second" Christmas with all the kids home! Kristi

Anonymous said...

Yup it should be a good time. I think that everyone is coming up on Friday night... Hailee wants to take the girls over and show them the new place, probably on Saturday. She helped me put up some lights over there.... so she will enjoy being the tour leader I think, ya,they probably all will.
So Kristi, after not having a tree this year, maybe next year one of you be doing the Christmas newsletter and the other one will get to get a tree. (just a thought) :)
Sure looking forward to having everyone home. It just doesn't happen often enough. Drive safely everyone.

Anonymous said...

Tree looks GREAT! :) See you soon! Rosie