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June 21, 2011



I'm so far behind on this blog that I'm not even going to pretend I will be able to catch up.... so on with what we are doing at the moment.

Back to the bats.  One evening last week I constructed a 'bat house'.  I researched a little on-line and then set out to invent my version.  There are five little vertical compartments, quite narrow, scored to provide traction for the little beggars. 

O.K., it's all together, now for the finishing touches.  I built the whole thing out of various recycled items that remained from tearing the kitchen out of the house.

I covered the outside with left-over water & ice dam stuff that was used on the Chalet roof.  It's really sticky on one side and kind of grainy on the other.  Added a few staples in strategic spots, and a bit of wire mesh at the bottom opening so the little creeps can get a grip on it when they land.

Here you have the exclusion device.  An open ended garbage bag that is stapled to the wall and roof, making the only escape dropping out the bottom and into flight.  The key is that the doorknobs can't figure out how to get back in!!

Here you see the Carlson Custom Suites nailed to the back wall of the garage, about eight feet from the now closed main entrance.  After a week, I don't seem to have any tenants in the new place, but there are still some bats that are now exiting the building right at the very top of the wall at the roof line.  The first nice day we get will be spent adding more exclusion devices, namely some loosely draped window screening along this wall/roof area.  The same idea, they will be able to get down and out from behind the screen, but not back in.  The garage is noticeably less bat infested now, and I'm hoping with the next treatment they will be gone from the building.

Peg and I were on a big cleaning and organizing spree in the big garage.  Trying get things onto shelves or into the garage sale pile.  We were pleasantly surprised by a motorcycle driving into the yard and having cousin Bob greeting us!!

Jan was away for the weekend and he decided to make a run up north.  Here he is getting set to take off again.

And thanks again for the house warming gift.  As you said, that wine is really good!

I had done the last drywall finishing on Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday afternoon Peg and I tackled the painting tasks.  Lots of edges and angles to paint around.

I'm not much on painting, but this seemed do-able, not too much area and I could always quit whenever I wanted.  Peg doesn't mind painting, so that's a good thing.  But I hung in there until we had it done.

Monday evening Peg had a boy scout meeting, so I hurried home and started on the upper cabinets. I managed to get the north wall units hung, cleaned out and the doors put on.  I used an old sheet to simulate a finished look on the lowers.  We're thinking a burgundy or dark red counter top.... wutcha think?

Tonight Peg and I got the south wall units hung, cleaned out and the doors on. It's starting to look like a kitchen! Still lots to do..... counter tops, an upper cabinet over the fridge, finishing the ends of upper cabs, finishing the ends and back of the island cabs, etc, etc, etc.................

Any readers, cousins, Mattson kin please feel free to stop in. You're always welcome.

I gotta go, Carlo



Anonymous said...

Hey, you two.... Looking good!
Your bat trap looks interesting... hope you catch them.. I'm NOT a bat fan. :|
I enjoy your blog and seeing your progress. Can't wait to see the new/old A-frame.. and you both!
Cousin Barb

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys have been busy - and it is looking good! If your bats do take up residence in their new house, you will have to provide us with the floorplans!


Carlo said...

Barb, stop in anytime, we're almost always here working on something....

Kristi, you and Adam should stop in.

Anonymous said...

It all looks like fun!!!! <3 :)

Beth (And Chris and Charlie)

Anonymous said...

The kitchen is looking really nice!! :)I thought I was leading a busy life right now, but I think you guys might win! lol Hopefully will be up there sooner than later! ~Rosie