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Ottertail Country
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September 18, 2008

Late September


I visited the Wintergreen Palace this afternoon. Pat and Dan were putting in insulation, always a bad task. I just watched from outside and took some photos. The outside of the place is all done now.

Yes, sir, it's a hunting shack alright.....

As I headed home, I saw this tree near Ogema. Yesterday Peg and I climbed on our bikes and headed for Woodruff where Peg found a couple of twisted handle butter knifes for her mom. Then we headed north and stopped in Boulder Junction at a fishing tackle shop that has good stuff for fishing with a fly rod for musky and other large fish.

When I got to Ogema I noticed this place near the town hall. Nice wood pile. I'm noticing those wood piles lately......

These folks don't mind handling firewood. They even stacked up some arches leading to the garage and the house. A nice touch for an item that gets little attention, the humble 'wood pile'.

As I headed home from Ogema, I spotted this tree out in the edge of the woods. I like those that are surrounded by evergreens and other dark items.

Guess who locked himself out of the house today??? The hidden key was laying on the table in the house, because I had taken it out for Lucy to use while she was here. That meant I had to find an unlocked window and do some climbing.... doh!!!

I gotta go, Carlo


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yram said...

haaaaaaaaaaaa....would love to have a video of the actual climb in through the window!