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September 23, 2008

Stuff in Ogema and Wausau


I took a couple of photos as I left for work this morning. The flowering crab in the south lawn is looking kind of red....

Probably from these!

Bird heaven in a week or so..... maybe some patteridges will find their way to this tree.

Near the garage looking north.

Here are a couple of the new boiler. Mr. Haynes said "It looks kind of nice sitting out here in the woods...."

I got an email from Rosie and there were a few photos included. Seems she had the chance to get on stage in a round table discussion with some other women in Wausau, including the next first lady, Michelle Obama!! Rose looks like she's enjoying it....

I happened to watch the 10:00 news last night on channel 7 and saw her on there.

Good job, Rose!! Maybe you can get a job in Washington (after you get done with school...!!!).

I gotta go, Carlo



Carlo said...

Pretty amazing job young lady. You sounded totally "un-ruffled"... totally comfortable when you were speaking... Marianne told me she had seen you this morning and said that "she was pretty amazing wasn't she." It really has been an exciting year for you hasn't it.

Speaking of exciting... it's Gene's birthday tomorrow... hmmm I wonder if he's been a good boy. :) oh no... that's Christmas time that we ask that. :) Happy Birthday anyway Gene.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures again. Have the robins been passing thru and eating those berries yet?? I was thinking the same thing that Rosie maybe could get a job in Washington if Obama gets in.''


Anonymous said...

The berry pictures are pretty neat - you will have to enter those into the fair next year and win some prizes!

Rosie sure had an exiciting day it sounds like! Good for her!


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! :) It was an amazing day and I think I'm still absorbing it!! Wow. I would love nothing more than to work with the Obamas once he's elected, maybe they will need a nurse when they travel??? Lol ~Rosie